Highest Solar Self

It has come to a point for us to take a step further into merging with our Highest Solar Self, our true being as Gods and Goddesses incarnated in this time. This step is for each and every human to make as our individual path is ready.

Many have chosen to listen to the inner calling, walked the path of inner knowing and thereby have led the way for others to follow. Now in this time we are asked to embrace what is left of self-doubt, the lack of love for our individual self. In this time we are asked to see upon our Self with the eyes of the Creator. In pure essence – we are pure love. We have always been.

In this time we are asked to gather all our trust and courage and see the pure love that We Are and to embrace the doubt and let it go. With a totally open heart and with compassion for all that we are, there is no doubt left. There is only love. We are asked to love ourselves not just a bit, not every other day, not just the happy moments. We are asked to love ourselves as a constant vibration that shines all the way through. In this time we are merging with our Highest Solar Self, our Christ Consciousness. This urges us to fully commit to the love being manifested through us. And for the manifestation to come, we need to gracefully accept that love is what we are. No less than pure love in its many faces.

Camilla Lindeborg Alm – Camilla KumaRa – Unifying Love

My Body of Light

I Am my body of light. I Am my body of light.
I see the stars within my cells.
I see the molecules turning into the finest powder of pure crystal.
I Am my body of light.
Blazing light like the mid day sun in June.
By choice I modify my quality of shining. Soft, pure, lazer like.
I shine my true essence. I shine my heritage. I shine my galactic voice, my elemental voice, my voice of Christ within.
I Am my essence of light.

Camilla Lindeborg Alm – Camilla KumaRa
Unifying Love

Cosmic Flares

Behold the Light that enfolds through the solar flares. Dazzling, blazing cosmic fires. Be not afraid of the transformative frequencies that these flares leave behind. You are held in this transformation. Loved ones, you are on your path developing your inner vision to mastery clarification. Elevate your thoughts each moment in the Now. Bring your thoughts to your highest awareness and see through their illusive tone. You Are a Divine Master and it is your task to acknowledge that in your every day life. To elevate your thoughts. To see through and therefore allow feelings to come and go. See your life blossom in each moment. Joyful, sad, peaceful, ecstatic moments.
You experience all.
You are All and You are More.
Love is what You Are.

Camilla KumaRa, April 2, 2016

Diamond Light Experience

Diamond inflow, filling every particle with the brightest light. Prisms awaken, timelines merge.

I am my wholeness. I am All within.

Diamond light from Feminine Source, Divine Mother, I am blessed. Merging with the Divine Masculine. Merging to One.

I am All within.

Diamond prisms reveal the truth of what we are. Having eyes that see 360 degrees.

Diamond Light Body. Glimps of a future which already is here.

By Camilla KumaRa
Camilla Lindeborg Alm – Unifying Love

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