Affirmation/ Prayer

fånga ljuset

Source of All that Is

Enlighten me with the wisdom I have not yet embraced

Pour Loving Light through my being and reveal what is still a shadow part

Let Me guide myself and let Self guide Me in the dance of the multi-dimensional reality

I Am You

You Are me

Do not let me forget the Truth of my nature

I choose to stay present in this world and all other

I choose to see creation as a cooperative process

I choose to see Love in All beings and to have the integrity to create boundaries where love is not the action

I choose to own my Greatness and my Divinity

I choose to own my human vulnerability as well as my doubts

I choose to own my Uniqueness and my Mission

I choose to honor my Choices


Camilla KumaRa August 30 2016

© Permission to share in its complete form.



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