Today my thoughts goes to what is called bifocal vision. Or more precisely my version of bifocal vision… Ten years ago I attended a second year at a fantastic Psychosynthesis school. I believe it was around that time I first heard about bifocal vision. And it touched me because it described how I naturally wished to see and meet others. Today it struck me how I practice my own version of this bifocal vision every day in every meeting in my work and service. And as much as I can manage in my everyday life (without judging that I sometimes do not, I also have triggered moments of course).

For me, this means that when I meet a person in any kind of session or group meditation or workshop, I see, respect and sometimes address the current energy the person is in at the moment. The struggles, the feelings of pain and frustration, talking about lack in general or disbelief in themselves and others. Actions that might be degrading for any human being… And I see all this and I respect it and sometimes we talk over it.

At the same time I see and hold a space for something else. I see the perfect Divine Being. The pure being of Source Essence, a Highest Self walking on this beautiful planet making a mark here in whatever way. Sometimes it is connected with a grand potential, sometimes it just is. And it does not matter if the person at the moment feels or have any wish to see how much love they already ARE. How much inner power, creativity and beauty they hold. In that meeting my task is to hold that. When a group of people come for a deep meditation work, who maybe never have met either me nor any other participant, it is my task to see, hold and sometimes address the Highest Self of each person.

Acceptance is to see both sides, not judging, not forcing a change of any kind. My work is to be of service with what I can offer. What I feel I am to offer. This is my foundation and my ground.

Happy Equinox Days and so much love to you all,


© Camilla KumaRa 2016.

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