Being a Little More Personal by Camilla KumaRa

A Short Bio – Being a little more personal this time

My name is Camilla and I am also guided by Source Within and the celestial guiding teams to use the name Camilla KumaRa as it is my lineage name and therefore connects me with my past, present and future in the Now. I am a Spiritual Guide and Healer, living in Stockholm Sweden where I also grew up. I live with my husband, two children soon to be 5 and 8 years old and I am blessed with one more on the way. In November we will have our third child and this time I am experiencing the pregnancy through a multidimensional perspective and in the frequencies we have now. It is truly a gift.

As a Spiritual Guide I am working in sessions through the Akashic and Cosmic Records, with Light Language Activation Codes/ Sound Healing and a big part is the group work I do and create continuously.Meditation Nights and workshops with different themes that I receive through my inner guiding. The events create beautiful energies and soul groups have found each other along the way. Meetings that create sparks all the way out in the Universe! A culture around group healing work, raising vibrations and soul meetings is quite vivid in Stockholm now. A culture and movement which I am a part of right now. The way I guide, sometimes channeling for example galactic beings, angelics or elementals/ faeries, and sometimes clearly from one of my other timelines such as an Atlantean, is to be a vessel of Source Light and the different Rays of Light to communicate with a larger audience that are open in their hearts and minds in that moment. Dimensions merge and so do we within ourselves.

A bit about my background. My childhood was safe, loving and attentive in many ways, quite traditional suburban life but sprinkled with a great love for traveling around Europe and spending time in our beautiful nature, in the Swedish mountains and more. The supportive ground has been my foundation and today I feel it is one of the reasons why I have no fear or hesitation in transferring words of deep love when I am channeling or letting myself personify a Higher Consciousness.

So family life was a comfort zone as I grew up. But as everyone else I had to find my identity as a child and teenager and that was more of a challenge. I had tentacles outside of me early, trying to figure others out. Feeling a lot, sensing when actions and words didn’t match with the unspoken messages. I was drawn to interests which had something to do with a stage or standing in the center of attention, and to friends who stood for these attributes. At the same time I was uncertain with who I was, learning the social codes and to behave like the codes of society expected of you. I believe that some of the earliest times when my Soul expressed itself in a pure and direct way, was the occasions when I sang at school concerts and such. My voice had this pure essence that touched hearts. And it was beautiful to experience that at the age of 10 or 11 years old.

In my teenage years my more insecure personality doubted the quality of my singing and unfortunately I stopped singing for many years. I often felt different than others and I started to put up shields and protection around the gift that was my sensitivity. During these years I always felt that a higher purpose, a loving Source, God existed. I had a faith in my own way, I had faith in my own heart and I was inspired partly from church and partly from a growing interest in world religions in an early age. In a Swedish secular society that was actually not the most common thing to explore. (Today the spiritual focus here have exploded, many start with yoga and go deeper and deeper into a new way of living from a heart centered spiritual view and that is just amazing to see.)

Jumping in time my spiritual path took me to periods of joyful celebrations of life and youth in college and periods of anxiety, being an intense searcher for meaning, digging into spiritual esoteric literature. At the age of 24 ( 2004 the year of Indigo Crystal Transition) my Higher Self started to speak louder and louder. I was just clearly on a side track and my hole being shouted at me to hold, and re-evaluate my life decisions. What many go through now in their forties for example, or in the start of any spiritual awakening, I experienced at 24- 25. With all the symptoms physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. I then learned Reiki Healing and I started a new education in the field of transpersonal psychology, Psychosynthesis. But it wasn’t until the next time my Higher Self spoke with a loud voice in connection to a physical symptom that my life clearly took this turn. Three years ago, 2013 at age 33 I needed a deeper way to understand my health issues beyond the physical dimension. And as an immediate answer I remembered the workshops about The Akashic Records I took some years before but had put aside almost directly. And life just opened up new dimensions for me. A clear channel was there from that day, and the guidance to go deeper and deeper within. And the more I plunged into myself and my channeling, the more the world outside started to shine and speak in completely new ways. From channeling the Masters, Archangels and Goddess Aspects, the development now is in the direction of speaking my own voice from Source Within. My different parts as my timelines merge in the Now and sometimes a part comes through to share certain wisdom from other dimensions and parallel existences. Often we have company as well by galactic loving beings, our Star Families. Light Language in different forms come through more and more since a little more than a year back. Little did I know before, that I would sing again, chanting tones that activate, open up, heal and harmonize.

There has been a huge work and tremendous amount of trust to have the courage to go on this path. My personality has carried so much fear for others reactions, some of it from this life, some from a more collective memory of the risks with speaking your truth. But as so many people in this time can agree with, at a certain point you have no choice but to follow your Soul, your heart, your vision. And if you are lucky, family and the closest friends share your vision or in some cases they just have a big beautiful heart and a huge dose of acceptance to fall back on, being able to give the space for you to be who you are. As you allow the space for them. And that is truly a divine gift to share in a relationship.

I am starting now a new phase as I am carrying my third child, being in these frequencies that I experience life through today. A little diamond I am told, so a new phase it is, as I experience the mixing of our vibrations more and more each day. The Diamond Ray Children are here, what a blessing to see and feel!

New ideas and visions come daily, one of the larger ones being us coming to the US in the beginning of 2018, for example, to work with the Lemurian energies and Star Portals. So I keep going with the flow. Source and my Higher Self will guide me the directions along the way.

 © Camilla KumaRa 2016. All rights reserved.

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