Online Meditation Today! 5 PM CEST


Online Live Video High Frequency Meditation with Camilla KumaRa. Solar Eclipse Energies!

Be at Peace with All Your Aspects – Let Love Embrace Your Wholeness

Camilla KumaRa works in the energies with ease and grace, pending between several dimensions, intuitively bringing forth vibrations that is clearly felt for the participant. Channeling loving benevolent Beings of Light for this occation. Beings that are part of us and we of them as we all are One in The Creation of Universal Source Love. With Light Language tones, words and signs, Camilla will deepen the experience.

Register by sending an email to or by message on Facebook. I will answer with the link to our live site.
Suggested price for Live Online Channeled Meditation with video replay is 17 $. Paypal adress or for Sweden (150 kr) with Swish 0704284359 or ask for Bg.
Thank you for supporting my work ♡

Welcome to an experience of LOVE!

Camilla KumaRa

(Thank you to the artist who created this beautiful artwork ♡)

1 thought on “Online Meditation Today! 5 PM CEST

  1. thank you for this post. and this beautiful information

    plus the information regarding paypal , as well. after our session on tuesday, I will maybe need help in processing the paypal payment, as I do not always understand the online process . even if it is a day or so after our session, please know that you will get paid, sweet ONE.

    talk to you , soon. namaste,

    Marie. xoxox


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