The White Flame Temple Meditation Series

I am so happy to annonce a new meditation series coming up! This will be just wonderful ❤

Welcome to 7 weeks with highly transfiguring multi dimensional meditation classes. Inspired by Archangel Gabriel(le), Camilla KumaRa follows her Divine Guidance for the You Awakening Community. The beloved Archangel inspires her now to create a platform for more healing messages and for more Inner Remembering to occur. One recording for each week, made in the present cosmic inflow, adjusted for the group subscribing. Each recording will enable contact with benevolent Beings of Light, such as Archangel Gabriel(le) and the Angels of Guidance, but also Light Beings from the Elemental and Galactic Realms. Each recording will also transmit deeply balancing, harmonizing and activating Light Language codes through the chanting by Camilla KumaRa. The weekly video recordings will be emailed to you, starting on Sunday April 16th.

7 recordings ( to be sent out on Sundays starting April 16th)
Price 139 USD.

For questions about this creation, use the contact form below or email me: Bright Blessings!2016-06-12 10.40.10

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