Save the Date – You Awakening Live Call Series

Camilla KumaRa returning guest on You Awakening – free high frequency live call

Dear Ones!

In these constantly shifting, uncertain times, the need for community is more important than ever. As we continue to evolve to meet new life challenges, it is comforting to know that we are not alone.

The fall speaker series from You Awakening is designed to support us on our individual and collective quest for fulfillment.

The powerful evolutionary energies we are experiencing now are opening the way to greater ease and joy.

And this community of Kindred Spirits offers a much needed sense of belonging and shared purpose, while bringing you uplifting inspiration and guidance from some of the true evolutionary leaders of our time.

Host Jacklyn Johnston of You Awakening has invited me to be the special guest speaker on October 31st.

I hope you will choose to subscribe to this series if you are not already participating. It’s free of cost, available online, by Skype and by phone, and you can expect to benefit from a process or activation(s) in every broadcast.

Sign up here to gain access to this new season of  Free Leading-Edge Transformational Programming that is starting now.

Save the date October 31st for my appearance ♡ With Love Camilla ♡

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