Today! Activate Your Galactic Rememberance A Journey Through the Galactic Core and Beyond

I am honored and so excited to once again be guest speaker on You Awakening, the wonderful holistic, spiritual tele class show with host Jacklyn Johnston. Please join us today October 31st at 11am Pacific / 12pm Mountain / 1pm Central / 2pm Eastern / 7 pm Central Europe… For all else time zones, please see with

It is all free of cost. Be sure to register at and tune in to the live page.

See you in the unified fields! Can’t wait! With love in the One Heart, Camilla KumaRa

On this call You will be activated in your cosmic consciousness and galactic remembrance. As We Are opening up to a greater inner knowledge of our existence and Higher Self wisdom, a never ending flood of remembrance start to emerge. As incarnated souls we have this amazing opportunity to embody cosmic consciousness, to anchor a higher dimensional frequency and to consciously Be the vessel of the pure love of the Highest Source of All That Is, that we came here to BE.
By transmitting Light Language Codes by chanting and speaking, Camilla Kumara serves as a an embodied portal for realm travelling and dimensional shifts. With her You will experience the company of several high dimensional galactic groups.
Listen and receive the Galactic Core Codes
Meet the Venusian Star Family of Camilla KumaRa, the Great Lyran Council and a new exciting acquaintance from a distant galaxy
Activate your DNA with Diamond Light and Liquid Light Plasma
Experience a deep grounding of cosmic consciousness through the unified field and your physical body

This call will serve as a sustainer of frequency, so you can go back and listen again and again and raise your frequency if dropping down for a moment. To drop and forget for a moment or period is the human experience at this time. Individually the experience for the many is to more or less go back and forth in dimension, while the collective raise in dimension and reality expansion.

img_20170723_205015_122.jpgCamilla KumaRa is a Swedish Soul Path Guide and Light Language Healer with many gifts. She has in just a few years intuitively developed a unique way of transmitting very pure frequencies of Source Light and Love. She works through the Akashic and Cosmic Records, shifting between a spectra of high dimensions and multiple realms with ease and grace. The most highly appreciated part of Camilla’s work is her way of letting the frequencies come through by toning, chanting or speaking Light Language. The Language of Light is a carrier of Codes, the tones and words are activating, clearing, balancing and healing from within. Camilla always works in the present Now, channeling the highest frequencies for the group or individuals. A moment of loving communication!

Camilla lives in Stockholm, Sweden with her husband and three children, 9 and 6 years
old and a baby boy soon the turn 1 year in November.


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