Divine 2 Divine 24 Channeled Conversations


Divine 2 Divine

24 Channeled Conversations Light Being to Light Being

to Awaken Multidimensional Living as the Being of Light Incarnate

Curious to explore…

  • what a conversation between Light Beings could contribute to evolving consciousness?
  • how you could access wisdom from Ascended Masters and adepts that has been compiled over decades and lifetimes of devotion in an immersion format?

Ready to find out? Thoth, the Keeper of the Akashic Records and Egyptian god of Infinite Knowledge and Divine partner to author and international channel Danielle Rama Hoffman has gathered a Council of 24, including me and my guides, to create a holographic conversation.

Holographic Conversation Topics:

  • Create a revolution in relationships from power-over and power-under to equality, empowerment and partnership.
  • Shift out of survival consciousness into multidimensional living.
  • Innovative, multidimensional tools for new times and much more.

Join us for a FREE 24 Day Immersion of high vibe consciousness transmitted from Light Beings, Ascended Masters, Councils of Light and awaken your inner divinity.

Claim Your Seat Today!


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