Tomorrow Tuesday May 15 2018, You Awakening – Dragon theme with Camilla

Harness the Love, Power and Magic of the 

with Camilla KumaRa and host Jacklyn Johnston of You Awakening

Tuesday May 15 2018
Time: 11am Pacific / 12pm Mountain / 1pm Central / 2pm Eastern /7pm GMT / 8pm CEST

The dragons are back! Lovingly ready to co-create, transmute and support Mother Earth and her inhabitants at this time of transition. Camilla KumaRa is back on the show as well and with her, she brings gifts from the elemental world.

Elemental dragons are amazing in their powerful capacity to clear and cleanse – and here you have the chance to feel their energy through intuitive chants and light language.

  • At this call you will experience a light language activation, a clearing of stagnant energy to allow more flow, and the playful but powerful energy of the elemental dragons
  • You will know more about the dragon presence here on Earth
  • Dragon connections with children will also be mentioned
Come join! Live by webcast or phone, or with the replay. It’s all free. Just go in and register for subscription at An email will go out with details of our upcoming show.
With Love in the One Heart, 
Camilla KumaRa
You Awakening is a true community of kindred spirits. We are almost 20,000 strong, in 104 countries, united in leading and supporting the change on our Earth and in Ourselves. We are the creative leaders who hold the vision, and the manifesting frequencies for change, in ourselves and in the world.
This new season brings the invitation to drop even deeper into the stillness of our hearts, to tap into the love, joy, light and abundance that’s already there. Led by Jacklyn Johnston and an assemblage of evolutionary leaders, You Awakening’s free programs catalyze and support You Being You.
And what could be more important, more joyful and fulfilling that that? Will you Join Us and add your energy and light to our community? You are most welcome to do so by going to Simply sign up to receive announcements for free inspired programs. And get your Free Gift; a collection of classic shows and a Deep Journey into the Stillness led by Jacklyn.

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