11-11-11 Soul Gathering this Sunday

Making it Happen 111111 Gathering
11/11 kl 18-20 Making it Happen 111111 Gathering, fördjupningskväll med Camilla på Hälsans Hus, Fjällgatan 23B Stockholm

I so look forward to Sunday. It is as if my whole being is being charged and filled up with codes and activations for this particular day. Yes it has been intense. It never stops, WE keep on moving higher and higher, breaking new territory, facing old fears and letting go. WE know we are here for a groundbreaking lifetime. WE know Love has won. The ripples just take their time to manifest for all to see what really happens under the surface. There is a grassroot movement for a new way of living, from the heart. WE will do business in new ways, We will not go against our intuition anymore, because in the end it never works. WE are waking up to a reality where we work and create in ways that is positive for the planet, our home. Mother Earth. Let’s manifest it all, putting heart first.

On Sunday I am hosting a Soul Gathering in Stockholm for the 11-11-11 Gateway and I believe we have a full house at Hälsans Hus. I am really excited about this event. For the coming events see here Sweden: Events coming up

Have a great Gateway week!

Blessings Camilla

2 thoughts on “11-11-11 Soul Gathering this Sunday

  1. good morning sweet soul sister, thank you for the news of this wonderful event.

    Blessings , Love & Light to you and yours and all in this
    beautiful soul family.


  2. thank you , sweet soul sister for this wonderful message. looking forward to our session on dec. 7 @ 7:30 a.m. pacific time.would you like to confirm this date and time when you have time? blessings and much Love/ Light.Marie.


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