Activations at Haleakala Crater Vortex, Maui

Here I Am πŸ’– Anchoring Stargate frequencies for Triple Helix DNA Strand Activation at Haleakala Crater vortex on Maui. With Central Sun light codes for the whole of humanity. Beyond grateful to be called by Source to Be and act as a channel and cosmic alchemist in unity with two close family members and powerful frequency holders/ Earth Healers. This moment a day ago, February 25th, was one of the most amazing I have experienced on my spiritual path. Haleakala shared her inner fire, energies of Gaia womb to be felt clearly, as the perfect grounding for the super high cosmic activation.

Soon this journey (Kauai – Maui) is at end. Mahalo πŸ’–πŸ’ŽπŸŒŽπŸŒˆβ˜€οΈ

1 thought on “Activations at Haleakala Crater Vortex, Maui

  1. dearest Camilla, may I please have another session with you @ your convenience ?so many shadows are coming up for me and it indicates that I need clearing and healingof the past and negative energy around my biological family connections . I need understanding of why I would attract or choose these things to occur.the answer I get is that I need to love myself and others unconditionally, which I have tried to do all my life, but it is sooo hard when peopleare cruel me when I show kindness to them. why can’t they see my loving heart that is open to them? now, I feel I need to walk away from these family members for fear of being hurt again and again.I am not yet spiritually strong enough with enough Christ / Buddha consciousness to be around these people who’s vibrational energy is not in harmony with mine.I will say that the Universe/ Source is sending many synchronicities and graces for which I am so grateful. these are constant signs that I am being divinely guided and supported on my journey.thank you for being a bright Light in our world.with much love and gratitude, Marie.


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