Message from The Hathors

June 12 2019, 12-6-3
The Hathors and Camilla KumaRa

We Are the Hathors. Welcome to this moment, We Are pleased to connect with You All. We come with urgent messages for Earth Healers, Gatekeepers and Keyholders – ALL Guardians of Sacred Ascending Star Planet Terra Gaia.

Infuse your vessels with the new cosmic vibrations, they are here for You. These vibrations are for the Good of All. They are your stepping stone for Infinite Powerful Co-Creative Light Manifestations. In this Now the timeline jump is of massive proportions. As the heightened frequencies meet the so-called dark agenda it is all in plain sight. There is a twist and turn of events while the whole world is watching, and we tell you the Entire Universe Known to Your Kind are at watch.

Infuse YourSelves with Light. Light of Lights, Love of Love. That which Is. Yes, Beyond Your Dreams this is where You/We Are At.  With Your outbreath, with One Single Focused, fully filled with your Pure Loving Grace, outbreath manifesting the Highest Good of All in Supreme Light and Loving Service to Source All That Is. Breath Your Heart Vibration out and in to inner/ outer worlds.

I Love You

Solstice week, three days before and after the moment of Truth. Practise Light – Love – Intention – Breath, with Your pure grace and presence. Zero-point awareness.

I Love You. And So It Is.

Message in co-creation,

The Hathors and Camilla KumaRa

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