Fuerteventura, Canary Islands Energy Work Retreat February 3-8 2020

Light Bringers! Welcome to a magical journey of power that has been built up and bit by bit downloaded over three years from the higher dimensions. Now its time. In a direct connection to the 2020-2-2 portal, a window is kept open for us to co-create with the Universe. For four full days and five nights, we have our own “sanctuary” (private villa) entirely for ourselves. We will do energy work in many fantastic places, in a volcanic crater, by boat trip to beautiful vortex island, with hiking to the holy mountain Tindaya and we top with the experience Stargazing – see the Milky Way in one of Europe’s best places to see the starry sky with guide. Do you feel the Divine Call to some of the anchor points of Atlantis? Let me know ❤

Your investment for the energy work retreat is 1110 USD or 10 500 SEK. For link to more info (although in Swedish but translate button is available) see here https://camillakumara.com/fuerteventura-energywork-retreat-2020/

With Love in the One Heart,


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