Tomorrow Nov 6 – I am guestspeaker on Wisdom of the Ancients!

Dearest Light Tribe, I hope you would like to join me tomorrow on Wisdom of the Ancients webinar/ telesummit hosted by Ian Shelley! Nov 6th at 12pm PT (Los Angeles), 9pm CEST (Stockholm). It will be amazing and I am deeply honored to be part ❤ ❤ ❤ Here is the theme of my talk and remember we take calls and a group activation will be held.

Living with Grace – When claiming Your True Soul Heritage 

Bring your Higher Self Aspects to the table, it is time to claim our Divine Nature for real. By accessing both the Akashic Records and the Greater Cosmic Records Camilla KumaRa has held a wide experience seeing clients transform and not to forget her own journey of Remembering. The unification within make old fears dissolve, and a life with more flow and grace can begin. 

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With Love in the One Heart,


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