New Online Series – Aurora Transmissions Topic Ascension

Dear Souls,
By passing the Equinox Gateway we move into a new quantum field and it is also up to us what WE bring into it. Let’s co-create a vibrant magical quantum field, fully supportive to a world in the midst of change. The New is being birthed out of chaos and our Love and energetic support is a vital ingredient for the whole. Aurora has invited us to five more deep healing webinars under the name Ascension Topics. These will be held every other Wednesday at 8pm CET, 7pm GT, 2pm ET, 11am PT, starting April 8.

Our webinars will as always be full of light language sound code activations, light body travelling, messages from Aurora and other very high dimensional beings as well as anchoring light for mother Gaia supporting planetary healing and ascension. This series of five meetings end June 3rd, in good time before the Solstice Gateway opens, that seems to be important for our calling here.
Welcome to Aurora Transmissions!

Read more and register here:

With much love and blessings to all


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