A great day for energy work excursion – Also online meditation in six hours!

Today I was guided to do a spontaneous energy work excursion. 5/5 portal yesterday and Full Moon in a few hours and my Guides called me in for  something very special. As always I followed my inner voice and also used a pendulum when choosing directions. I ended up on a high cliff where I never have been before and this is only a few kilometers from my home although part of a nature reserve. Energies where in so many layers, elemental, ancient Nordic, geomantic and cosmic, anchoring a 1000 golden rays in the area. A big Thank You to the Sisters who joined also spontaneously over video call!
Today in six hours we have another Aurora Transmissions Online Light Language Meditation coming up! Go to http://www.camillakumara.com/auroratransmissions

Much love Camilla

#lightworker #lighttribe #newearth #lightcodes #multidimensional

2 thoughts on “A great day for energy work excursion – Also online meditation in six hours!

  1. sooo beautiful…I felt the energies when looking at the photographs of the woodland and the water and the 2 swans on the water. aurora is near and I hear her saying , ‘ beautiful One, I am near to you because you are near to me. when you and Camilla and other souls come into my Energy field you bring your Light , and it blesses me.’Camilla , I have pins and needles on the left side of my head and crown , and as I sit with palmsup , ready to receive a blessing, I feel the pins and needles of the Divine energy on my hands…these signs are such small happenings in comparison to what so many of you soul sisters and brothers are experiencing . but to me, small as they are, they are magical and wonderful…blessed be sweet sister.with Love from Marie and my darling Joseph. xo


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