Quantum Light Co-Creators project and Tomorrow June 3rd Online Meditation

Dear Light Tribe,

So much is going on, on all levels at the moment and I hope you are all well. Following of course what is happening all over the world, and I hold Love and the highest timeline for humanity as I always intend to do ❤ Even if we were told many years ago by higher guidance, about the years to come with everything coming up to surface, intense healing of the planet and potential for transformation, we can never know how it will manifest and how it will feel for us personally or in our community. What I am being shown though is how it will take us to a new era. Because all the while when things are going chaotic, another wave is happening. Very very thin veils, many many souls awakening, amazingly strong energies while connecting with high dimensions. So many are now actively anchoring light, it is a rapid growing movement holding space for a New Earth. It is all coming from within, and more and more are waking up to this truth. Heart matters!

So, I would like to present the two main “projects” I am co-creating with Divine guidance at the moment.

What’s on with Aurora Transmissions

We have had the online meditation series Aurora Transmissions for a while now, the last one of this season is on this Wednesday June 3rd. (I so look forward! Link here: Online Light Language Meditations) This series have become very apprieciated also for the group energy and community feel it creates, besides the activations and channeled messages. Aurora, also known as Divine Princess, also holding the Light of the North, coming in with high frequency guidance, is with us in the future as well. Firstly I will release a new updated page with registration for two more dates Wednesdays June 17 and July 1st. After summer break we will start a new set of Aurora meetings Wednesday August 12. I hope you would like to join ❤

Introducing Quantum Light Co-Creators

Starting now, I hold space and guide energy work connected with vortexes and sacred sites in the area in a more focused way. Powerful missions already guided with amazing synchronicities. Much of this work will be in Swedish but just as with the energy work journey in September to Abisko I am open to hold it in English as well when needed. If you are interested in joining in person or by distance please go to Quantum Light Co-Creators page to read all about it. Every time it will be possible to join by distance and also to recieve recordings of live streams. Distance participation is donation based. Here is the coming plan:

June 5 Full Moon, Lunar Eclipse: Workshop Old Uppsala “Kungshögarna, officially known site dated 500 AD” 16:00-ca 19:00, welcome to join by distance! Please contact  camillakumara@gmail.com, distance participation with all recordings etc is donation based. Recordings will be in Swedish.

June 21 Sun Celebration! Summer Solstice portal, Annual Solar Eclipse, New moon: Echo Temple in Hagaparken Solna morning at 08:00-09:30 or longer for picnic afterwards.

July 5: Full Moon, Lunar Eclipse: Workshop Anundshög area outside Västerås, officially known site founded 500-900 AD. Deep energy work linked to that in Old Uppsala. I am aiming for early in the day but the exact time and invitation will come.

September 16-20: Abisko Sacred Journey 2020

I will also try to have a weekday evening at “Wreck Mountain” in Nyckelviken Nacka before going on vacation..

All outdoor events are also given that we keep a certain distance according to current regulations.

So let me know if you are interested to connect and have access to detailed posts and recordings from the coming workshops and gridwork. There is a MeWe social media group for this project and I will put everything in the blog on my website with password due to the sensitive and important nature of this work.

Sending so much Love and blessings,


1 thought on “Quantum Light Co-Creators project and Tomorrow June 3rd Online Meditation

  1. Hi Camilla, Oops! I didn’t mean to sign up to sign up for whole light language course that finishes tomorrow! Did I sign up for the course earlier? If not, may I just pay for tomorrow, please? and send back or credit difference?

    Thank you!

    Apologies, I’ve been having a rather hectic time, but maybe tide is turning.

    I want to be on the call tomorrow anyway please. I hope you too are keeping well during these tumultuous times!

    with love,



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