Super fresh news about a new platform and Wednesday is Aurora day!

Hello Dear Ones,

I hope you are doing well in these fast changing times.

I have recently come back from gatekeeper work, a retreat journey to the Arctic circle in the absolute north of Sweden. Amazing energies and practically all kinds of weather gave us exciting days and important gridwork was done. More on this in another time!

Some exciting news

Firstly, I will once again be guest at Wisdom of the Ancient Telesummit show this season. The season starts today Sep 28 2020 and I will be on when the season is coming to its ending Nov 5th.
Sign up here for the Free Live Call Series.

Secondly, and completely new, is the opportunity to be part of a wonderful and totally affordable membership platform! The Wisdom Sacred Circle. The WOTA show mentioned is developing into a something different for the transformative times we are in! A beautiful collaborative, high frequency, content packed platform with live activations, healing sessions, online sacred ceremonies and even a constant flow of remote group healings to take part in through your heart. I am myself on the schedule on Oct 8th (Remote Healing with the Dragons) and Oct 19th (Light Code Activation with Crystal Charging on FB Live) and will be so several occasions per month doing FB Lives in the membership group, Zoom meetings and much more. I really feel for this platform project. Check it out and be part here:

And then we have our fourth Aurora Transmissions Webinar for the Autumn on Wednesday! I do know it is longed for by many since the longer paus. If you havn’t joined before please do if your heart is calling out. It is a beautiful transformative co-creation with Aurora. Link Online Light Language Meditations

Sending so much love,

Camilla Aurea KumaRa

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