Telesummit Live Call today, 11:11 Swedish Online Meditation and New Aurora Season starts Nov 18

Dear all,

I hope you are doing well in these fast changing times. The energies now are amazingly super intense and so often I find myself with a need to go inwards, connecting with heart, higher self and my beloved guide team ❤ Nature calls as well for grounding… this weekend I took my family and new puppy dog with me to the forest both Saturday and Sunday. So good for all of us and a lot of fun ❤

The higher realms and dimensions are always present, it is for us to remind ourselves about the Bigger Picture, the Love, the Magic every single day. I notice how many of my beautiful clients get messages from their angel guides or star family, that YES they are there ALL THE TIME. When we shift focus and therefore putting our attention on love, beauty, joy, connection – creating something big or small with heart – it makes all the difference.

Today Thursday Nov 5, I am on the telesummit Wisdom of the Ancients again. I so look forward! It will be magical and powerful as always ❤ And totally for free to listen in and take part. Time is 10am PST, 1pm EST, 5pm UTC, that is 19:00 Swedish time. Here is the direct link:

You are also welcome to read more about it in my recent newsletter:

11:11 and Swedish Online Meditation

Next week we have the 11:11 portal, one of the most potent portals we have this year, besides the Solstices and Equinox portals. Yesterday I was on my way home and my thoughts wandered off to the 11:11 energies. Suddenly I felt as if not in the same dimensional reality as the other persons on the bus. I could still see them but it was as if they were in a movie and in that moment we were not in the same dimensional reality. I heard the words Reverse Rewind in my mind and it was a premonition of a clear timeline jump on 11:11. To work with energy beyond time and space reality for the highest good of all, the Ascension timeline for humanity and Mother Terra Gaia. Time is a subject that Aurora and my guideteam bring up more often recently. It is all very interesting and I am curious where this will take us.

So back to 11:11, I will hold a channeled group meditation on Zoom in Swedish this time, connecting with LeMUrian energies for heart expansion and remembering. We will be many frequency holders and we will hold Love for all through this passage. It is at 19:11 and you can read more about it here: Online Light Language Meditations or find it on Facebook

For all Swedish friends, clients, soul family, sessions are still available at Mindstory Meditation Studio and as always for all on Zoom/ Skype/ phone and I do my best to find times that work considering corona and my big beautiful family more frequently at home than usual 🙂

Yai! Aurora Transmissions starts again on Nov 18! I hope you wish to join these amazing group energy work meetings. Read more here: Online Light Language Meditations

With So Much Love,


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