Wisdom Sacred Circle- New Year Fresh Start-join before price goes up

As many of you know I am part as one of the healers of the ground breaking membership platform the Wisdom Sacred Circle ūüĆü This is a community where we transcend 3D constraints and hold the Light frequency as a community of Light-Bringers!

The power of many of us gathering simultaneously for this powerful work should not be underestimated. I am honored and happy to be an active part. (Keep eyes out for two events with me later this month within the group, It’s so much fun to connect like this!)

Now, pretty urgently I wish to give you an  opportunity to join the platform before the price goes up -late tomorrow! Price goes up (doubles) at 6pm ET Jan 9th. Get in now and your membership dues will never be raised.

Lock in your rate forever if you subscribe before then: https://yh571.isrefer.com/go/wscmember/camillakumara/

Why join?

  • You are needed. The more of us who gather with positive intentions and in LOVE, the more we heal the planet, and the faster we accelerate our awakening and bring forth the New Earth.
  • Every week (often many times per week), receive¬†DISTANT HEALINGS & ENERGY TRANSMISSIONS. LIVE.
  • Every week (often many times per week), receive¬†PERSONAL INTUITIVE READINGS, or HEALINGS,¬†and participate in¬†LIVE ACTIVATIONS, MEDITATIONS, and GUIDED JOURNEYS. LIVE.
  • These sessions are interactive, not one-sided or “listen only”. We are here to¬†interact with you, to engage with you, and to support you.¬†When you need a community, chances are we’ve got something going you can tap into.
  • NEW & ADDED >>¬†Every week, take part in¬†LIVE group calls and webinars¬†conducted by our beautiful healers and practitioners. Everything from channeled messages, to group healings, to activations and processes. PS: These new events are not on Facebook, so if not a Facebook user, you now have 4 events each month to participate in!
  • NEW & ADDED >>¬†BLESSING CIRCLE:¬†Runs for a full week each month! Join us for this powerful co-creation of shared love, joy and light! Danielle will open the field of Creation for your blessings to be amplified. You can bless someone in need or hold a blessing for the collective. Blessings are a showering of grace and deep connection with all life. People, places, situations, nature, animals or life passages all benefit from the amplified light of our blessing circle.
  • Receive 25% off virtually every special offer ever offered¬†on Wisdom of the Ancients show. Including private sessions with healers and practitioners. How’s that for savings?
  • Receive the recordings (downloadable) of every single show from the past 12 seasons of WOTA (this would normally cost you $462).
  • Receive every single gift ever offered by the speakers on the past 12 seasons of WOTA.

Here is a new video from our founder Ian Shelley: https://vimeo.com/498422405

And the link again https://yh571.isrefer.com/go/wscmember/camillakumara/

With Love in the One Heart,

Camilla Aurea KumaRa

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