Integrating phase and Workshop Webinar Sunday 31st

Dear Souls,

We are in a phase to integrate all the new cosmic frequencies and the shifts we went through in December. Now let us stay with our hearts and let the new be birthed intuitively with heart and mindbody aligned. Ideas come when timing is right. Rush is not in our best interest. The New is of the Aquarian energies, so ideas will come along with it big time ❤ ❤ ❤ Gratitude to all who tirelessly focus LOVE for our beloved planet and the whole of humanity.

We have a webinar coming up in two weeks – an exciting one! Since December 12th I have been connecting with the Pegasus more frequently. These amazing beings come to us now with high vibrations and messages about our true spiritual freedom. Read all about the coming workshop webinar Pegasus and the Prisms of an Infinite Hologram here: Webinars and Online Light Language Meditations. I feel we will expand our loving web of light profoundly in connection with Pegasus. I hope you will feel it so too!

With Love in the One Heart,


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