Webinar Workshop Tomorrow Sunday 31st, New Aurora Season coming soon and some reflections on our relationship with nature <3

Dear Ones

Today we have had the most beautiful winter day here where I am in Sweden. It feels like the greatest gift from Mother Earth and the Sun itself. When all the elements show themselves perfectly in harmony and you just cannot not smile with the whole of your heart while stepping outside.

This deep sense of joy and gratitude for the magic of nature and the beauty of Mother Gaia is one of the keys of our Embodied Ascension Journey. It is also something we in fact can grow into, by practising focused intention on love, gratitude and appreciation – and if feeling it difficult – focusing on searching for the underlying reasons, what stands in the way of us feeling gratitude and appreciation towards nature, the realms of animals, plants and elemental beings. It’s all such a well worth journey that opens up more to life.

It is also the antidote to feelings many starseeds have from time to time, that intense longing to quit and go “home”. A very understandable feeling in a somewhat chaotic world for souls who come with a frequency that differ a lot to the old world bandwidth, and are new to being able to hold that frequency regardless. I see that from time to time, the lack of a connection to Mother Earth. With that I do not mean to the Gaian conscioussness but to the very real, tangible, muddy, sandy, too wet, too dry, too hot, too cold, full of insects but oh so blossoming, lushy green, habitat of amazing furry animals, home of singing birds and magnificent aquatic beings planet Earth. She is that antidote. In the way she can make you feel awe when looking at a perfect rose or the feeling of being fully alive when stepping out in the soft waves of the ocean, (or even the waters of a lake that is just a little bit too cold!).

Just like loving the whole of your self, everything that you are, including the lesser likeable parts of your physical body and personality, is a key to complete healing. But more on that another time..

Workshop webinar tomorrow – with the Pegasus

I wish to remind about our webinar workshop tomorrow Sunday January 31st, Pegasus and the Prisms of an Infinite Hologram. On point with the current energies, we have Pegasus coming through for messages and sonic light codes. A Spiritual Guardian who supports your Souls true freedom and the steps you take aligned with Higher Self, Soul and Spirit. You are so welcome to join – read all about it here Webinars and Online Light Language Meditations

New Aurora Transmissions Series

Filled with excitement, I have also put out the info on our next season with Aurora Transmissions! Starting Febrary 24th 2021, we have 5 x very special multidimensional inner journeys to look forward to. Read all about what this series is, that first started exactly a year ago, and what it has become. Link here Webinars and Online Light Language Meditations

Until we connect again ❤ Take care, shine your light

With Love in the One Heart,

Camilla Aurea KumaRa

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