Free Meditation Webinar Tomorrow Wednesday

Dear Ones, I am guided to offer you all a free meditation webinar on Zoom tomorrow Wednesday at 8pm CEST Stockholm, 2pm New York, 11am Los Angeles, 7pm London. I hope you can join!

Webinar I AM Love We Are Love, Expansion and Embodiment

Welcome to this free webinar. I am happy to invite you into a deep channeled meditation. With the company of higher dimensional guides we co-create a field of unity, a golden web of light. During the meditation I will transfer light language sound codes in pure vibrations. I suggest being in a calm environment where you can be undisturbed throughout the webinar.
As always, everything is created in the Now moment, for the group present. I have not recieved intel yet about our guides who will be with us but the beautiful Goddess/ Ascended Master Quan Yin appears to be one of them. Welcome Beloveds!

Registration on Zoom:

Camilla Aurea KumaRa
Multidimensional Guide, Akashic & Cosmic Channel, Light Language Sound Healer.

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With Love in the One Heart, Camilla

2 thoughts on “Free Meditation Webinar Tomorrow Wednesday

  1. Dearest Camilla, thank you for this free meditation offer ! ♥just a gentle reminder >>I know you are so very busy…but when you have time, would you please send me the recording of our beautiful phone call visit / session from monday , april 26th?thank you . you are an earth angel .

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