Happy Solstice!

Dear Family of Light,

This is a post to send you solstice greetings this powerful day. In Sweden we had the exact moment of Summer Solstice at 05:32 this early morning. I have spent the day following inner guidance, creating ceremonies at different places, starting in my own garden to support the elemental beings there (I got the message to stay in garden this morning, and just after we got a text message that there were construction work to be done today with drilling in the ground a few meters away). Fairies and Stone People needed to be prepared ❤

Later I went into the city, welcomed a few new crystals as I was guided to do so, then continued to a park in the centre to create a small ceremony for the anchoring of solar energies there.

Following inner guidance and our hearts is pivotal in the times we are in. Energies are transformative and all the light plasma is creating movement within to release, move forward spiritually whatever that means to each one, and to see ourselves as divine expressions of Love – and we all have a unique, very personal, ever-changing way of responding to that energetic movement. As we already see and notice within, we are now seeing both rapid changes on soul levels and a more slow movement collectively in a direction that best support our beloved Mother Earth. The SUN is a parental energy source, and in this time we are guided forward by our mother/father to stand tall and be all that we can be, holding light, holding love.

Something is going on with the Akashic Records, just as with the crystal record keeper caves. Our planetary memory bank is shifting, and what this means will be more clear with time, the Guides point out Lions Gate (August 8th)… It is part of the greater movement and what I hear is that it is in perfect timing with the galactic shifts and movements. More on that later.

So let’s end this day with magic! Happy Solstice! Play and enjoy the energies, if in deep process go all in and ask for support from your benevolent guide team – they are always with you! It is still possible to sign up for the online meditation and live transmission with me, Aurora and the Wisdom Keeper Guides. 8 pm CEST on Zoom, Solstice Special Aurora Transmissions, Webinars and Online Light Language Meditations Welcome, with love.

Camilla KumaRa

1 thought on “Happy Solstice!

  1. Hi Camilla,

    I dont seem to have a Zoom link! Please help! If u send to gwyneth.owen5 I can get on phone, but either is ok!

    Love Gwyneth


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