September Blog Update

Dear Family of Light, here comes an update of the blog. We are in New Moon times and so a time for beginnings and moving forward, outwards, connecting. The photos above are taken yesterday September 6th! I did a ceremony out in nature, same place where I spent last New Moon/ Lion Gate as well. This time the energies of the land spoke at length and key words were Gratitude and Appreciation as I laid out my crystal grid.

Crystal grid made of (from top) Clear Quartz, Amazonite, Chrysocolla, Ruby, stone from Sacred Mountain Tindaya in Fuerteventura. Flowers are Heather(?) Ljung in Swedish.

The energies late August have been intense and many including myself have experienced changes in our paths, many have dreamt a lot(!) and many have felt moments of confusion. It all will go into something new and something else now! Be calm with heart, listen deeply within and follow. Things might not look crystal clear at the moment but it will be ❤ Trust in that.

We have amazing energy work ahead of us. Next week I am travelling with 8 amazing women to Lapponian Gate, Abisko, Arctic Circle for continuing our energy work there.

Equinox – Aurora Transmission Special

Just after getting back home, we have Fall Equinox happening. I hope you will join the Aurora Transmissions Special! Book and register here:

Bright Auroras

The Lightworker Course Program is ongoing! E-course The Foundation is getting beautiful feedback, the Mastery Courses are coming with new starting dates in October and November, the first couple of souls are starting their Master Diploma Program. So exciting to create this with and for you. Link here

With Love in the One Heart,

Camilla Aurea KumaRa

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