Update – New Courses, Mini-retreat and Webinar

Dear Lightbringer Community,

We are in the month of October and we are in for a ride energetically this Fall. Hold your Light and Love, keep steady and grounded as much as you can. Look within for answers, always. If the outer world is not showing the right way for you, be true to who you are and your Divine Wisdom. It’s quite amazing when we align fully with heart and Source Within, our Higher Aspects showing the way. In the Bright Auroras Planetary Lightworker group we have been working with a frequency of importance, a doorway that will be available to all very very soon, I will write an article about this in a weeks time ❤ Woohoo, this is good news!

Now, let me present the coming courses and webinars. Next Light Language Webinar is October 20th with Aurora and energies from Orion. The Mastery Course starting in November is full, but we have another amazing Zoom setting starting in January, with 8 seats available. And I am very happy to let you know, February 12th-13th 2022 I will be holding the Mastery Course: Planetary Lightworker & More at the beautiful Lindeborgs Eco Retreat in Södermanland, Sweden. Two days to go deep and play/ co-create with the energies. Swedish/ English if needed 🙂 See photos and course links below.

Blessings and Love in the One Heart,

Camilla Aurea KumaRa

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