The Law of Grace – Gifted, Received and Anchored

As of the 13-day period September 29th– October 12th 2021, the Law of Grace and the frequency and vibration of the Law of Grace has been anchored, with focus as guided on the torus field of planet Earth/ Mother Gaia. It is for peace, harmony, unconditional love, compassion for humans, for animals, for the elementals, for every plant and tree and flower, for the ocean, for the aquatic beings, for the air, the birds, the sylphs, this divine dispensation is now here and it is possible to anchor and spread and continue to spread the vibration of the Law of Grace with pure open hearts. When the frequency came through at first, it came in with a sense of a pressure wave, a blast much like that of an earthquake. The frequency now goes along the torus field, the energy moves down and follows the torus field around the planet, described by the guidance as finding its lane energetically, it has become one with a rhythm and a sonic wavelength. The process gave a sense of being part of a truly blessed manifestation.  

Here follows a summary of the guidance on how to connect with the frequency we have been gifted (grown into) with a description of its nature and function. I have left out the personal guidance for the group of amazing planetary lightworker sisters who were present by distance from different parts the planet on how more specifically to work while anchoring. Although I can say, that part was beyond beautiful. This is one of the major vibrational steps of this year. Holding space for this frequency has been amazing, somewhat challenging and deeply rewarding. In love and service, Camilla Aurea KumaRa

First vision, where we start: We are shown the Stellar Gateway chakra of the Earth. The Arctic, the North Pole. They show the image of a torus field… It is in constant movement. The Stellar Gateway has the function of receiving the High Frequency Light and pulses from the Universe, in particular the Galactic Center to Earth.

Channeled messages begin

This is a beginning today (channeled September 29th 2021) and perhaps a greater beginning than we have mentioned before.

Humanity has reached a critical mass, a critical mass of awakened ones, awakened ones who wish to follow their heart, humans who wish the same for the planet and for fellow humans, to create with love, to live in peace, to move into the 5th dimensional Golden Terra Gaia, the New Earth. Not the entirety of the critical mass of humans are consciously aware that they are awakened, in fact. They have opened their hearts, and they have learned their primary lessons. And some who think they are awakened is it with their minds not with their hearts, and this we will show is thus of great importance.

Even though the critical mass has been reached, you cannot see or feel the full shift. There are layers upon layers of filters that have been dimming your true I Am connection. These filters have made it difficult for the humans to receive, to feel that they can receive or know that they can receive unconditional love and then step forward from that inner knowing. The brightest of light frequencies and the strongest of love, the light from Source God, from the Creator, from the Galactic Core and the love from Mother Earth. Receiving with fully opened heart is the key.

So now, what we wish to mention is the Law of Grace. What we call the Law of Grace is a divine dispensation. Grace as in the frequency of grace that the Angels always have held. When the soul contract lessons are learned bit by bit, the flow of Grace can come in and create what you would call miracles. No more walking the same road repeatedly. Grace comes in for greater harmony when you step into the new, for the filters to be dissolved.

The frequency of the Law of Grace has the capacity to clear karma, to turn the energies toward unconditional love, peace and harmony and compassion. The Law of Grace has the capacity to dissolve timeline crossing fears and negative thought patterns. The Law of Grace is the upgrade of all prayers, all affirmations, and all miracle work. As it is comprised of Purity in Truth.

This is important for the Children among you as well. The new children do not carry karma the way previous generations have done. They do get affected by the collective and the patterns around them, the energies around them. They do have memories from other timelines, but they do not carry karma in the same way. Thus, this is important for the new children, this will make it easier for them.

At this time, the door is open for all who are ready to drop down their shoulders and go to their hearts. …. done with the past limitations …. Ready to open up to the 5th Dimensional Golden Terra Gaia, the New Earth.

The door is open, blessed Beams of Light on Earth incarnated. In Divine time.

Here is what you can do now

Simply ask with opened heart to receive the frequency/ the gift of the Law of Grace. And so it is.

Or, if used to inner visual energywork, the Law of Grace is accompanied by a stream of light codes, may be seen as “written”. It is in resonance with Crystalline Christ Consciousness. And you may see legions of angels appearing, and you may see flying dragons of the Golden Crystalline energy. The inner flame within your heart starts to sparkle and shine. The divine fire within your heart makes itself known, Inner Source vibrating strongly now. It is expanded just as the essence of God it is. The Core of the Universe within. Feel it to be so. Feel the pounding Love embracing all of You. Every cell of your body are receptive, every cell says Yes. Now, feel the Love flowing in every cell of your body. Welcome the incoming frequency of the Law of Grace into the perceived reality of this timeline. It is here. This I Am. I Am That. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

Text channeled and anchored by Camilla Aurea KumaRa / Bright Auroras

Sharing is done with name and in its context. Thank you.

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3 thoughts on “The Law of Grace – Gifted, Received and Anchored

  1. Thank you SO much Camilla and ll the Beings! Just Wonderful, Incredible and Exciting. And a relief too as we see so much chaos in the ‘outer world’. It brings us Hope for the LOVE that we all know is there/here somewhere, but don’t always see or feel!1 that is all beginning to change, after such a long, long time!
    i look forward to out nest meeting with you and Aurora and friends,

    Much love,



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