Abisko Sacred Journey Retreat 2020

Abisko Sacred Journey Retreat, 
North of the Arctic Circle, September 16-20, 2020

The calling has started once again! Can you hear it as well? Once again, we are headed to beautiful Abisko, north of the Arctic Circle in the absolute north of Sweden. Mother Nature and all beings of Light welcome us to explore, go deep and transform within as we hike and take us to different sites to meditate and do energy work. All sites magical, all powerful in their own way. Abisko and its landmark the cup-shaped valley Lapporten/ Čuonjávággi in northern Sámi, or Lapponian Gate in English, has a strong energy and a vortex that speaks to us in this time. In August 2018 and then in March 2019 I was guided to hold group retreats at this very special site, supporting it energetically together as a group. Esoterically, the Stellar Gateway chakra of Gaia is the Arctic zone so here we have a high energy affecting us by this reason as well.

Now once again I welcome you with all my heart to a four nights and three and a half day retreat, this time with the aim to hold the retreat in English. We gather on  Wednesday Sep 16th ca 3.30pm (earlier if everyone is at the site, time is adjusted by the SAS flight) starting off with a short walk, meditation and tea out in nature, possibly by Lake Torneträsk. Then three days with excursions follows! Mountain Noulja/ Njùlla, the Mother, with top hike and meditation at 1169 m (we start with a chairlift a bit up the mountain), Lapporten stargate vortex seen from Paddus/ Baddusdievva ancient sacred site, and then finally hiking the magical stone valley Kärkevagge/ Geargevággi to the spectacular “Troll Lake”. Distances we will hike during these days will be up to 12 km in all kinds of terrain, which is good to have in mind. Weather can also be all kinds, this is autumn season here 😉 

This journey takes you to experience nature, total stillness and lack of city noises and light pollution. It also brings very deep energy work which will be activating and healing within. But always coming back for rest and a nice dinner at Abisko Mountain Lodge. If we are really really lucky there might be a chance of Aurora Borealis, the season for the northern lights starts about this time of the year.

Come join us for a magical experience out of the ordinary! See the practical details below ❤
With Love, Camilla Lindeborg Alm “Camilla Kumara”, Soul Path Guide, Light Language Sound Healer and Meditation Leader

Costs and room options

Retreat prices per personIn Euros, payment with Paypal or SEPA bank transactionSvenskt pris, via faktura
Single room933 Euro9000 SEK
Shared double room, two beds777 Euro7500 SEK
Shared superior double room888 Euro8500 SEK


First payment/booking fee is 300 Euro (2500 SEK for Sweden). Booking fee is not refundable. An invoice will be sent for the payment.

The remaining payment is to be sent before June 1st 2020 or divided into two separate payments before June 1st if preferable. 

The remaining payment is refundable no later than July 1st 2020. 

The shared room option is of course dependent on possible roommate. We will do our best to offer the options asked for. 

The retreat is open for maximum 12 participants.

What’s included in the retreat price?

  • Meditations, energy work, Light Language guided by Camilla at different sites in the area. 
  • Accomodation at the popular Abisko Mountain Lodge, variety of rooms as described. All rooms have private bathroom. Linen included. Cleaning included. 
  • Breakfast buffet for 4 days. 4 two course-dinners included. Dessert can be bought extra as well as drinks (no alcoholic drinks until after our last meditation, Saturday night ok/ Camilla). Lunch package included, meaning we make our own sandwiches at the breakfast buffet to bring for our day excursions, as well a fruit, nuts and dried fruits, chocolate bar and warm beverage to bring. We get to borrow bottles for the hot water as well as wooden cups “kåsa” to take the super clean water from the rivers to drink. 
  • Possibility to use sauna and relax room at the lodge. 
  • Turnaround ticket for the chairlift at mountain Noulja/ Njùlla. 
  • Turnaround bus ticket to Låktajåkka where we start our hike to magical stone valley Kärkevagge/ Geargevággi and “Troll Lake”.

What’s not included in the retreat price? 

Travel costs from where you are all the way to station Abisko Östra (translates East Abisko). Closest airport is Kiruna Airport, train or bus will be needed from Kiruna to our station. A night train goes from Stockholm all the way to Abisko Östra which is the name to book train to. After booking the retreat Camilla can support you with links to book transport, but the booking of the transportation is made by you. Snacks during the days are not included. Full private session with Camilla is not included in the price.

Please check your travel insurances etc. The retreat holds no extra insurance.

Kärkevagge, Valley of the stones. Photo from https://www.swedishlapland.com/stories/karkevagge-the-secret-stone-valley/

Welcome to a very special journey!

Book by sending email to camillakumara@gmail.com. You are also welcome to ask questions here:

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