A little more on the background

Camilla KumaRa is a Soul Path Guide and Light Language Sound Healer with many gifts. She a transmitter of Source Light and Love, a pure channel working through the Akashic and Greater Cosmic Records, shifting between a spectra of high dimensions and multiple realms with ease and grace. The most highly appreciated part of the work is her way of letting the frequencies come through by toning, chanting or speaking Light Language. The Language of Light is a carrier of Codes, the tones and words are activating, clearing, balancing and healing from within.

Camilla lives in Stockholm, Sweden with her husband and their three children. She finds her grounding in family life, especially being in her garden connecting with the flowers, trees and fruit and berry plants in the warmer season. The grounding gives her a needed balance when being a vessel of such high cosmic frequencies.

The choice to be of higher service
Camilla works intuitively, creating in the current energies, never knowing exactly what will unfold which demands a great amount of trust in her own connection to Source and her inner guidance. Locally her group work gather a large number of participants every time, raising frequencies higher and higher. Globally she periodically offers appreciated webinars and she holds Skype and telephone sessions.

Opening up to being a healer and a messenger of Light
Camilla KumaRa sees herself as a soul who has re-awakened bit by bit since childhood, never fully asleep. With an early interest for the spiritual aspect of life and through the connections of her mother she took her first Reiki Healing class at the age of 21. A life crisis in 2004 based on the intervention by her soul and Divine Self regarding academic career and life choices made her take important turns and steps towards living her soul purpose when starting to study Psychosynthesis Therapy. A couple of years later Camilla learned how to read the Akashic Records but it wasn’t until 2013 she experienced full speed ahead with channeling, working through the Records, writing her first short book with messages from the Beyond.

The first occasion when Light Language came through, was during a meditation at home. She felt the urge to move her hands as if showing herself symbols, almost like a dance. Shortly thereafter Camilla began to tone and chant Light Language and the spoken words were not far away. She received guidance continually how to work with the energies, keeping her vibration high and for how long it would be beneficial to adjust and get to know her new way of transmitting messages. Star Beings and high dimensional galactic guides were often present to support her trust in herself and the courage to share.  

At Haleakala Crater “House of the Sun” on Maui, Hawaii

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