Aurora Transmissions – Foundation Collection 2020

Welcome to Aurora Transmissions Light Language Meditations.

Here on this page you have 10 channeled high frequency meditation videos from the previous Aurora Transmission Series 2020. All videos contain a guided deep meditation, light language in the form of chanting, speaking and signing, light body travelling, messages from Aurora and other very high dimensional beings and guides, healing and activations for yourself as well as planetary healing and “grid work”. 

Each video builds up further from the previous ones, on an energy level. This supports you being able to hold higher and higher frequencies, unifying more of your true divine nature. Therefore it is advisable to listen to the videos in the order they are presented. 

I hope you will enjoy the frequencies!
All videos are for private use and not to be shared publicly.
Camilla KumaRa 2020

Light Being Aurora and the High Council of Light supports us with an important clearing of lower timelines. We go through the 12 D crystalline star gates and raise in vibration. New light codes coming through.

Aurora together with Galactic Guides and Ascended Master Guides. The dawning has begun!

Aurora and the High Dimensional Cosmic Dragons calling themselves Dragon Luminaries (also Sophia Dragons). We look at the energy concerning having expectations in life. Emerald heart alignment. 

Aurora and the Dragons, our Guardians here, go through the different layers of our Light Bodies and support with healing and activations. Also planetary by anchoring light over the Dead Sea, (Jordan/ Israel/ West Bank) .

Light Being Aurora and the Council of Light guides us with powerful healing connecting with the Arcturian Healing Pod currently placed in the Atlantic Ocean.

Light Being Aurora and Star Family from Lyra connect with us through 12 D crystalline stargate. Diamond Light anchoring through us. Remembering the paradise codes from Shamballa and Eden, now merging with New Golden Terra Gaia Template and the New Earth Grid. 

Aurora brings up the theme Being the Bridge. Golden Ray healing and we are joined by beautiful Goddess/ Ascended Master Quan Yin, holding compassion and unconditional love for all of humanity.

With Aurora, joined by beloved Jesus and Mary Magdalene and also the presence of the intergalactic group of the Hathors. Solar Christ Light frequencies. Also inner work with the Unified Heart, archetypes and roles coming into balance.

Aurora supports us by anchoring crystalline liquid light plasma through our bodies, DNA activations, but also a special focus – a 1000 rays of light over the United States.

Divine Beings Aurora and Hope guides us with Rainbow Rays, bringing through messages about the New Children.

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