Online Light Language Meditations

The coming year 2020 will start with wonder and amazement. Because we will be in tune with the most heart opening, transformative frequencies – We will be anchoring and tapping into Aurora Consciousness. On selected Wednesdays, starting January 8, I welcome you on the Zoom platform for live transmissions with Light Language, guided meditation through the inner 12D crystalline stargates. Healing and activating for body, mind, spirit and planet ❤

Our planned meetings will be January 8, January 22, February 12, March 4 and March 11. All meetings will be at 8pm Stockholm CEST, 7pm UTC, 2pm EST, 11am PST. Please check your time here

The price for 1 hour healing transmission is 22 USD. Please remember to both register on Zoom AND pay with Paypal thank you so much. (For Sweden Swish payment is possible 220 SEK to number 123 5733829, be sure to write date of webinar).

Aurora Transmissions

Online Light Language Healing Meditation on Zoom, with replay. 1 hour meeting.


By registrating with this link you register for the next coming Aurora Transmission (March 4). If you would like to pay for more than one live meditation at once, it will be arranged so you will be sent the following links and passwords by email as many as you have paid for.

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