Aurora Transmissions

The time is now – We are in a phase of time bespoken by all and resembles nothing we have seen before. Maybe you too feel the deep longing and heartbased will to be part of co-creating the New, supporting our Mother Earth and the unified field, fully aligned with your own soul path and mission?

Welcome to Aurora Transmissions!

We are starting off the fifth series of Aurora Transmissions on February 24th 2021, and the dates are as follows: February 24th, March 10, March 24, April 7 and April 21st. As always every other Wednesday at 8pm Central European Time. London 7pm, New York 2pm, Los Angeles 11am, Sydney 6am Thursday 25th.

Camilla channels Aurora, an advanced light being, connected with the Light from the North and New Golden Terra Gaia timelines. Coming in with a high perspective and at the same time grounded loving wisdom, Aurora and the company of heaven bring healing frequencies and inspiration for us all. Let us keep co-creating New Earth now from inside out. This series of meetings will be full of light language sound code activations, light body travelling, messages from Aurora and other very high dimensional beings as well as anchoring light for mother Gaia supporting planetary healing and ascension.

The price for the full spring series 5 webinars including replay recordings in video and audio versions is 111 USD/ 990 SEK. (Price shift due to considerable currency changes during 2020). Payment is done with Paypal below or with Swish payment for Sweden 123 5733829.

Please do not forget to BOTH do the payment and register on the ZOOM button/link. Thank you so much for appreciating and supporting my work.

With Love in the One Heart,

Camilla Aurea KumaRa

(Or copy paste this link)

Aurora Transmissions Spring Series 2021


Do you have any questions or would you like to order recordings from previous Aurora Transmissions Seasons? Please use this contact form. With Love, Camilla

2 thoughts on “Aurora Transmissions

  1. Hej Camilla! Härligt med nya Aurorameditaioner. Bra timing.
    Jag har registrerat alla fem på zoom tror jag och swishat 777kr.
    Kram Madeleine


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