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Update for Sweden

Making it Happen 111111 Gathering
11/11 kl 18-20 Making it Happen 111111 Gathering, fördjupningskväll med Camilla på Hälsans Hus, Fjällgatan 23B Stockholm

Update for Sweden:

Hello Dearest Friends and Co-Creators ❤

Check out the page Aktuellt Program for all bookable events. More will come as well for late November and December, yai!!! Workshop this Saturday about your energy field, protection, raising our vibration. Next week I will go to Varberg for a deep and cosmic Light Language Evening.

Also, have you seen my live morning alignments on Facebook ?

Have a beautiful day! With Love in the One Heart, Camilla

Newsletter in Swedish – here’s the link

Hello Dear Ones,

I hope you have had a magical, deeply transformative Equinox. It has been intense, hasn’t it?!

I have been all about my local work recently. Guided by Source to focus here for now. So I share with you my Swedish newsletter. It also contains a link to my Swedish Facebook Page where I go live almost every weekday morning!

Check it out Newsletter Swedish

And link directly to FB-page

With infinite blessings,



In One Week – Atlantis Webinar

Next Webinar is May 28th, 2018 


Atlantis – a Transformative In-Depth Journey

Have you felt a connection to Atlantis before? Have you felt drawn to the energies emanating from the Atlantean hologram? Have you felt a need to finally clear cell memories you might carry from its ending period and the transition that followed to other cultures and paradigms? Can there be amazing opportunities to connect with heightened senses and gifts from your own Atlantean aspect within? Can Mother Earth be helped by us shifting the Atlantean impact to one of deep love and heart based wisdom?
Yes! Then join us in a live webinar Monday May 28th. The webinar will be broadcasted at 11 am PST, 2 pm EST, 7 pm GMT, 8pm CEST. The webinar will also be recorded and sent to you afterwards as a replay for you to connect and be in tune with the energies at your convenience. Read more here

Tomorrow Tuesday May 15 2018, You Awakening – Dragon theme with Camilla

Harness the Love, Power and Magic of the 

with Camilla KumaRa and host Jacklyn Johnston of You Awakening

Tuesday May 15 2018
Time: 11am Pacific / 12pm Mountain / 1pm Central / 2pm Eastern /7pm GMT / 8pm CEST

The dragons are back! Lovingly ready to co-create, transmute and support Mother Earth and her inhabitants at this time of transition. Camilla KumaRa is back on the show as well and with her, she brings gifts from the elemental world.

Elemental dragons are amazing in their powerful capacity to clear and cleanse – and here you have the chance to feel their energy through intuitive chants and light language.

  • At this call you will experience a light language activation, a clearing of stagnant energy to allow more flow, and the playful but powerful energy of the elemental dragons
  • You will know more about the dragon presence here on Earth
  • Dragon connections with children will also be mentioned
Come join! Live by webcast or phone, or with the replay. It’s all free. Just go in and register for subscription at An email will go out with details of our upcoming show.
With Love in the One Heart, 
Camilla KumaRa
You Awakening is a true community of kindred spirits. We are almost 20,000 strong, in 104 countries, united in leading and supporting the change on our Earth and in Ourselves. We are the creative leaders who hold the vision, and the manifesting frequencies for change, in ourselves and in the world.
This new season brings the invitation to drop even deeper into the stillness of our hearts, to tap into the love, joy, light and abundance that’s already there. Led by Jacklyn Johnston and an assemblage of evolutionary leaders, You Awakening’s free programs catalyze and support You Being You.
And what could be more important, more joyful and fulfilling that that? Will you Join Us and add your energy and light to our community? You are most welcome to do so by going to Simply sign up to receive announcements for free inspired programs. And get your Free Gift; a collection of classic shows and a Deep Journey into the Stillness led by Jacklyn.


I am so excited to participate in tonight’s live show with host Cari Murphy 💖💖💖
Please join us live beginning at 11am pacific/2pm eastern/6pmgmt/8 CEST at or listen to your free replay later at


What will we talk about today?

Dive into an inspirational talk on the journey of Remembering. Embracing multi dimensionality and our Inner God/ Goddess and Embodied Master. Being Grace.
During this call you will receive Light Language sound codes, in spoken and chanted form
Learn about how to hold space with your light and presence on Earth, collaborating with elementals, being a transmitter of cosmic light and the wisdom of your star family origin
The infinite possibilities with the New Earth frequencies and the importance of heart based alignment and grounding, especially during turbulating times on Earth


Incredible response on latest webinar ❤❤❤

The response on latest webinar event Activations for the Golden Light Body is amazing! My heart is melting, thank you so much! With permission to share 💞

Dearest Camilla,

I’ve just listened to the Golden Light Activation – thank you, thank you, thank you💓💓💓! It was a truly wonderful and peaceful experience feeling the energies of the Golden Dragons, the White Unicorns, the Masters, beloved Mother Mary and Archangel Christiel! It will be such a blessing to be able to listen to it over and over, bringing more of the activation of our Golden Light Bodies.

Camilla, your wonderful energy exudes peace and serenity, which brings to mind a feeling of Mother Mary’s love and sincerity. 

We realise how lucky we are to have access to your incredible input and gifts, as we watch you translating from Swedish to English while channelling the incredible beings you draw to you. 

Your activations are not only teaching us more about the wonderful beings that are assisting Mother Earth, but filling us with a sense of tranquility and purpose, to assist us with moving ever forward on our journey of Light.

Infinite Gratitude once again, dearest Camilla. We are so glad to know you are here on Gaia, spreading your knowledge, not just to your fellow countrymen, but to all of us who are fortunate enough to come into your sphere!”💓💓💓

Love and the greatest of Blessings,


Golden Greetings and Recording Going Out

Dear friends and co-creators, I am still filled with so much joy after finishing the webinar 💛💛💛 Thank you for connecting with me, the angels, unicorns, golden dragons and the Council of Light 💛💛💛 I will send out the recording in the next hour!
Next webinar is May 28th, you can find it here on Many blessings Camilla 💖

Will You Join Us on Straight Talk for the Soul, Season 7?

YOU are cordially invited to join me and my SiStar, the Bright Shining Host Cari Murphy as we Launch into Highly Progressive, Transformational, Light- Fueled Discussions on her Straight Talk for the Soul Global Masterclass Series! It is our greatest wish and intention to provide upliftment and support to all lightworkers and wayshowers like YOU! Please join us and spread the word.

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