Swedish Newsletter out now

Hello Dear Light Tribe, I have recently sent out a newsletter for Sweden, it is in Swedish as it is for local events and sessions. If you would be interested in reading or subscribing follow this link ❤ https://mailchi.mp/4df4d3890940/nyhetsbrev-camilla-co-creations-vibrations-januari-2019 So much is happening in the unified fields right now, January 11 was a huge passage … Continue reading Swedish Newsletter out now

1/1/2019 Light Language transmission on You Awakening

🌠At 2pm EST you are invited to listen and connect with me and our dear host Jacklyn Johnston for a Light Language transmission and messages from Councils of Light 💞 be prepared for high vibrations 🌈💎 For listeners in Sweden the correct time is 20:00.http://www.youawakening.com/fall-2018/camilla-kumara-live/ With much love and New Year Blessings Camilla

Tonight – Group Meditation with Light Language in Stockholm

Happy 12:12 Gateway Everyone! Such strong energies coming through this portal/gateway I am in awe and gratitude. If you feel guided to join, welcome to Group Meditation tonight in Stockholm see link https://camillakumara.com/aktuellt-program/. Send an email to camillakumara@gmail.com or book by https://camillalindeborgalm.bokadirekt.se I was just live on my Swedish Facebook Page, talking about the energies today … Continue reading Tonight – Group Meditation with Light Language in Stockholm

11-11-11 Soul Gathering this Sunday

I so look forward to Sunday. It is as if my whole being is being charged and filled up with codes and activations for this particular day. Yes it has been intense. It never stops, WE keep on moving higher and higher, breaking new territory, facing old fears and letting go. WE know we are … Continue reading 11-11-11 Soul Gathering this Sunday

Update for Sweden

Update for Sweden: Hello Dearest Friends and Co-Creators ❤ Check out the page Aktuellt Program for all bookable events. More will come as well for late November and December, yai!!! Workshop this Saturday about your energy field, protection, raising our vibration. Next week I will go to Varberg for a deep and cosmic Light Language … Continue reading Update for Sweden

Newsletter in Swedish – here’s the link

Hello Dear Ones, I hope you have had a magical, deeply transformative Equinox. It has been intense, hasn't it?! I have been all about my local work recently. Guided by Source to focus here for now. So I share with you my Swedish newsletter. It also contains a link to my Swedish Facebook Page where … Continue reading Newsletter in Swedish – here’s the link

In One Week – Atlantis Webinar

Next Webinar is May 28th, 2018  Atlantis - a Transformative In-Depth Journey Have you felt a connection to Atlantis before? Have you felt drawn to the energies emanating from the Atlantean hologram? Have you felt a need to finally clear cell memories you might carry from its ending period and the transition that followed to … Continue reading In One Week – Atlantis Webinar