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Video High Frequency Meditation with Camilla KumaRa

Be at Peace with All Your Aspects – Let Love Embrace Your Wholeness

Camilla KumaRa works in the energies with ease and grace, pending between several dimensions, intuitively bringing forth vibrations that is clearly felt for the participant. Channeling loving benevolent Beings of Light for this occation. Beings that are part of Us and we of them as we all are One in The Creation of Universal Source Love. With Light Language tones, words and signs, Camilla will deepen the experience.

Register by sending an email to or by message on Facebook. I will answer with the link to our live site.
Suggested price for Live Online Channeled Meditation with video replay is 17 $. Paypal adress or for Sweden (150 kr) with Swish 0704284359 or ask for Bg.
Thank you for supporting my work ♡

Welcome to a experience of LOVE!

Camilla KumaRa

(Thank you to the artist who created this beautiful artwork ♡)

Online Meditation February 26

I realised that I had written Lunar when it is of course a Solar Eclipse on February 26! It shows in what way I get my plans 🙂 I ask my inner guidance for the best date to do a group meditation, and I receive a day and time. It often corresponds with days of importance in astronomy, astrology or numerology but not always.
But I am not an astronomy expert, I am just interested in how often things turn out to match  🙂 So I will see you when we have the Annual Solar Eclipse ☆♡☆

Replay available through Thursday

If you missed me on You Awakening with Jacklyn Johnston yesterday, you can listen to a replay through Thursday.

Much love, and do know that I will answer all emails that came after the show! Just so many all at once for me 🙂

Lovelight/ Camilla KumaRa

Please check in

Thank You, You Awakening Listeners!

Blessings to All! I am deeply touched by the beautiful Light Tribe that listened, participated and tuned in during the Live Call on the You Awakening Show today. So much love and the over all message from the benevolent guides was Unity Healing.

Now the baby comes any day in November ♡ The presence of her/him now is profound and above beauty. I am oh so grateful.

LoveLight to you all ♡

Camilla KumaRa


Being a Little More Personal by Camilla KumaRa

A Short Bio – Being a little more personal this time

My name is Camilla and I am also guided by Source Within and the celestial guiding teams to use the name Camilla KumaRa as it is my lineage name and therefore connects me with my past, present and future in the Now. I am a Spiritual Guide and Healer, living in Stockholm Sweden where I also grew up. I live with my husband, two children soon to be 5 and 8 years old and I am blessed with one more on the way. In November we will have our third child and this time I am experiencing the pregnancy through a multidimensional perspective and in the frequencies we have now. It is truly a gift.

As a Spiritual Guide I am working in sessions through the Akashic and Cosmic Records, with Light Language Activation Codes/ Sound Healing and a big part is the group work I do and create continuously.Meditation Nights and workshops with different themes that I receive through my inner guiding. The events create beautiful energies and soul groups have found each other along the way. Meetings that create sparks all the way out in the Universe! Continue reading “Being a Little More Personal by Camilla KumaRa”

Event Today! Online Live Meditation

I have now sent out the Youtube Hang Outs on Air – link to all who have registered through the website I will also put out the link here on my website just before airing, that is 6 pm CEST (Swedish time zone, 12:00 Eastern, 09:00 am Pacific). Camilla

Free Online Light Language Meditation – The Pleiadian Blue Rose

For the Facebook-event page

Blessings, Camilla




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