Morningmeditation At Work

This post follows in Swedish Det är i tiden att lyfta meditation som ett erbjudande på arbetsplatser. Det är egentligen det mest självklara steget för företag som önskar vara attraktiva. Att erbjuda fysisk aktivitet är etablerat sedan länge, nu lyser behovet av och intresset för vikten av ett inre lugn. För att kunna hantera stress … Continue reading Morningmeditation At Work

Register for the next Online Live Meditation

Video High Frequency Meditation with Camilla KumaRa Be at Peace with All Your Aspects - Let Love Embrace Your Wholeness Camilla KumaRa works in the energies with ease and grace, pending between several dimensions, intuitively bringing forth vibrations that is clearly felt for the participant. Channeling loving benevolent Beings of Light for this occation. Beings … Continue reading Register for the next Online Live Meditation

Thank You, You Awakening Listeners!

Blessings to All! I am deeply touched by the beautiful Light Tribe that listened, participated and tuned in during the Live Call on the You Awakening Show today. So much love and the over all message from the benevolent guides was Unity Healing. Now the baby comes any day in November ♡ The presence of … Continue reading Thank You, You Awakening Listeners!


Reflections Today my thoughts goes to what is called bifocal vision. Or more precisely my version of bifocal vision… Ten years ago I attended a second year at a fantastic Psychosynthesis school. I believe it was around that time I first heard about bifocal vision. And it touched me because it described how I naturally … Continue reading Reflections

Affirmation/ Prayer

Source of All that Is Enlighten me with the wisdom I have not yet embraced Pour Loving Light through my being and reveal what is still a shadow part Let Me guide myself and let Self guide Me in the dance of the multi-dimensional reality I Am You You Are me Do not let me … Continue reading Affirmation/ Prayer