Online Live Light Language Meditations with Camilla KumaRa

Next Webinar is May 28th, 2018 


Atlantis – a Transformative In-Depth Journey

Have you felt a connection to Atlantis before? Have you felt drawn to the energies emanating from the Atlantean hologram? Have you felt a need to finally clear cell memories you might carry from its ending period and the transition that followed to other cultures and paradigms? Can there be amazing opportunities to connect with heightened senses and gifts from your own Atlantean aspect within? Can Mother Earth be helped by us shifting the Atlantean impact to one of deep love and heart based wisdom?
Yes! Then join us in a live webinar Monday May 28th. The webinar will be broadcasted at 11 am PST, 2 pm EST, 7 pm GMT, 8pm CEST. 
The webinar will also be recorded and sent to you afterwards as a replay for you to connect and be in tune with the energies at your convenience. Below you will find a Paypal payment gateway and the registration link for the webinar. Remember to register through the link! Thank you so much for tuning in,
Infinite blessings Camilla

Webinar with Camilla KumaRa

Payment for scheduled webinar. Including a replay for you to listen, watch and connect at your convenience. All webinars require the use of Chrome web browser or Anymeeting App. Thank you and Blessings, Camilla KumaRa


For registration please go to

Welcome ❤




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