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Welcome, thank You for visiting my website. Vill du boka en tid eller plats på event? Gå direkt via knapp här. All kärlek, Camilla

Video version Master Serapis Bey June 12 2016

Thank you Family of Light for making this video version of the message from Master Serapis Bey. Gratitude! And tonight it is New Moon Meditation with Archangel Ariel, how I look forward being connected with the Angelic Realm and You ❤

Please join Camilla Kumara in a Quantum Conversation

Experience a deep activation and integration of the Solar Codes that are being offered to us in this present moment. Camilla KumaRa, a Swedish spiritual guide, Akashic channel and healer will share her pure way of transmitting multi-dimensional Light Language through tones, chanting and speaking, as well as guide You in a light filled meditation … Continue reading Please join Camilla Kumara in a Quantum Conversation

Online meditation on July 4, 2016

A heads up! Online New Moon Meditation with Angelic Light Language through Camilla Lindeborg Alm We will experience nurturing energies this New Moon Meditation, in pure loving kindness for You and all living creatures on Mother Gaia. You will be in the company of Archangel Ariel from the Angelic Realm, creating a field of nurturing, … Continue reading Online meditation on July 4, 2016

Highest Solar Self

It has come to a point for us to take a step further into merging with our Highest Solar Self, our true being as Gods and Goddesses incarnated in this time. This step is for each and every human to make as our individual path is ready. Many have chosen to listen to the inner … Continue reading Highest Solar Self