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Latest: Friday June 5th Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Energy work at Uppsala Högar. In Swedish https://mailchi.mp/aeaf7e1530fd/hgfrekvent-energiarbete-gamla-uppsala-distans-och-p-plats

Photo by icon0.com on Pexels.com

Welcome Beautiful Soul!

Quantum Light Co-Creators is a heart based community where kindred souls can take part, receive activations from the most high, current energies while participating with their own energetic soul key codes and earthstar blueprint. 

Camilla Aurea Kumara will in this context be functioning as a Gatekeeper of the North (of course there are many many others with this purpose), a keyholder and catalyst for spiritual growth and the ascension path. A channel of Aurora and many other beautiful Light Beings from various higher realms. Camilla also holds the energy of the community, which is the energy of the New Golden Terra Gaia, the Diamond Light Matrix, Divine Neutrality and Balance, Purity, Grace and above all Love.

The focus for this creation will be vortex energy work, anchoring New Earth energies and the raising of vibration of humanity. Some energy work will be with group participation in person and the possibility to attend by distance.

All distant participations regarding vortex energy work are donation based. For example if interested and called to hold energy by distance for a certain grid work, receive the light code activations, get live recordings or replays with everything happening, you are welcome to donate by Paypal paypal.me/camilllakumara or with Swish 123 5733829. Depending on the energy work, time and potency suggestive amounts could be between 11 and 33 USD, 111-333 SEK.  

My inner guidance shows me to use certain social media/ tech modalities and certain I am guided not to. I will use Zoom for recording with video, my website camillakumara.com with a password protected blog posts for this creation, MeWe social media where I have created a group called Quantum Light Co-Creators for a more co-creational space https://mewe.com/join/quantumlightco-creatorscamillaaureakumara

Whats App is also good to use, if needed more contact. I will not create a group on Facebook even though it might seem appropriate, or use Messenger. I hope you will join me on all other platforms!

So, please let me know if you would like to be part of this community. Just to clarify, this is not a subscribtion or Patreon. You simply let me know if you wish to be part of the community, then when it is time for a certain energy work I will go out with the news and you are welcome to donate at that time.

With Love in the One Heart,

Camilla Aurea Kumara

Soul Path Guide and Light Language Sound Healer
Sweden, with the Light of the North

PS. I will upload more photos here from earlier energy work when possible ❤

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