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Winter Solstice Energy Work 2020

The night before Dec 21st I sat down to meditate. After a while someone appeared just before me, I saw him with my inner sight but his look was as clear as the candle and the crystals on the table beside me. – I AM Micheal, how can I be of service?
The great Archangel was showing himself with large wings and classic masculine looks, although I know that this look is for our human self to recognize what we see and sense. It was actually a while since I spoke like this with an Archangel when in meditation as everything changes and I tend to follow the shifts and changing resonances within. This time I was happy and felt so much comfort in his energy. I asked for his protection and loving strength, his Blue Ray surrounding the coming day and our energy work. He responded by showing me how the blue energy works in more deeper and higher sense (also continuing with several other rays and what they stand for now). One detail was how the directed energy took form, I was shown the shape of a Vogel Crystal. In crystalline blue it directed the energy downwards. I thanked Archangel Micheal and felt our energy work the coming day had a strong potential…

The next morning, we welcomed Solstice Day in rain, but the weather forecast said it was only 50 % risk for rain at 10 am so I said to the elementals to let it be the other 50% and let me do the work dry this time. Thankfully they supported us ❤ It was very muddy and slippery on the forest path though.
Beautiful energies welcomed up the mountain! I chose a side where I could be by myself as I stumbled across a few others taking sight of the cliffs, maybe to be there over solstice too. I laid out the crystals that had called out to be part: a large coral pink Jade heart, a Rose Quartz, three Strawberry Quartz, a green Moss Agate, a Labradorite Heart I bought in Lemurian homeland Kauai, a green Fluorite and finally an iron red stone from the area around sacred mountain Tindaya on Fuerteventura.
We started off and after the invocation of the Blue Ray, we called in the Diamond Violet Flame of Transformation, Cleansing and Absolute Synthesis, the Emerald Green Ray of Healing and Truth beyond human concepts and the Magenta Ray of the Feminine Divine Rising. Adding to this the Golden Ray was very present later throughout the energy work especially through the golden symbol I saw in front of my eye all the way home from the mountain.
All beings so present with and within us, also today the guidance was with clear senders. Quan Yin, Mother Mary, Jesus. The Elemental Beings. The Star Families. The Ancestors. And later in the end we also had the company of Aurora. As if showing an all over support for our unified work, the heart unification beyond all borders, veils and concepts.
We joined in heart alignment, the Greater Suns up to Galactic Centre and a deep connection to Mother Earth, our beloved mother Gaia. All for her, with her and through her. The Inner Earth Sun glowing at the core. While chanting the energy rise higher and higher and then – my transmission on Zoom went black. My phone was completely dead from one second to another. I sat for a few minutes just anchoring the light codes, feeling into what to do. After the energy felt ready for it, I took my things and walked the forest path back to my neighborhoods then all the way home, all the while I saw a clear spiral symbol in gold right before my eyes and every step felt light.
35 minutes later I came home, started my laptop and without much thinking about it I opened the Zoom meeting again – to find out at least half the group were still there holding the energy! I was so happy and grateful ❤ I went into the energies again and the transmission was so strong. We were shown how mother Gaia breathe through each and every chakra, and by holding Love with a Pure Heart connecting with the Earth Chakras and grids we support her. We saw us all standing together with every person holding Love for Uluru, Australia. Holding hands in large circles (never before have so many focused Love for one singular place like this day, according to the guides). The circles also expanding to hold Love for all humanity and the whole of mother Gaia. We heard about the Pleiadeans, we heard about several other chakras on the planet and their star connections, we heard about more Arcturian Healing Pods that haven’t opened fully yet! Adding to Isla Llobos Canary Islands and outside the coast of Norway they added outside Bimini islands and outside the coast of Labrador Peninsula Canada, all in the Atlantic it seems then.
The transmission ending with so much light, DNA and RNA activations and very confirming messages. This is Day One, the guidance said. Age of Aquarius is making itself known through us. Allow and celebrate ❤

This day deserved a summary, I enjoyed writing it. I hope you feel the energies through it as well ❤
With Love, Camilla Aurea KumaRa

Coming up! Winter Solstice December 21st 2020… There will be a Zoom video meeting, that I will do outdoors in nature at a special site. More info here below ❤

Dear all, this information will be in Swedish
Vid kl 11:02 på förmiddagen måndagen den 21 december infaller vintersolståndet för oss. Utan att gå in i detalj vad som kommer ske, så bjuder jag nu in till ett samskapande med mig detta magiska ögonblick. Jag kommer sända live via Zoom från en plats ute i naturen, vi börjar ca 10:30 och kommer vara i meditation över 11:02 för fullständig linjering med det högsta ljuset och en ren intention med hjärta och fokus. Vi håller ljuset från Norr. Detta är för alla som känner sig kallade att vara med, som resonerar med skapandet och förstås inte har eget mission att göra på annat vis samtidigt. ❤
Sändningen med direktkanalisering och tonhealing samt förberedelsearbetet, är donationsbaserad, förslagsvis från 222 kr men jag är guidad att hålla pris öppet denna gång ❤ Swishnummer 1235733829 eller bg 189-1217.
Anmälningslänk: https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZYvdO-rrTopHdVzRs2eKg5tR7pVN6_u7Ykp
Med kärlek och glädje
Camilla Aurea KumaRa
Soul Path Guide, Akashic and Cosmic Channel, Light Language Sound Healer

Friday June 5th Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Energy work at Uppsala Högar. In Swedish https://mailchi.mp/aeaf7e1530fd/hgfrekvent-energiarbete-gamla-uppsala-distans-och-p-plats

Photo by icon0.com on Pexels.com

Welcome Beautiful Soul!

Quantum Light Co-Creators is a heart based community where kindred souls can take part, receive activations from the most high, current energies while participating with their own energetic soul key codes and earthstar blueprint. 

Camilla Aurea Kumara will in this context be functioning as a Gatekeeper of the North (of course there are many many others with this purpose), a keyholder and catalyst for spiritual growth and the ascension path. A channel of Aurora and many other beautiful Light Beings from various higher realms. Camilla also holds the energy of the community, which is the energy of the New Golden Terra Gaia, the Diamond Light Matrix, Divine Neutrality and Balance, Purity, Grace and above all Love.

The focus for this creation will be vortex energy work, anchoring New Earth energies and the raising of vibration of humanity. Some energy work will be with group participation in person and the possibility to attend by distance.

All distant participations regarding vortex energy work are donation based. For example if interested and called to hold energy by distance for a certain grid work, receive the light code activations, get live recordings or replays with everything happening, you are welcome to donate by Paypal paypal.me/camilllakumara or with Swish 123 5733829. Depending on the energy work, time and potency suggestive amounts could be between 11 and 33 USD, 111-333 SEK.  

My inner guidance shows me to use certain social media/ tech modalities and certain I am guided not to. I will use Zoom for recording with video, my website camillakumara.com with a password protected blog posts for this creation, MeWe social media where I have created a group called Quantum Light Co-Creators for a more co-creational space https://mewe.com/join/quantumlightco-creatorscamillaaureakumara

Whats App is also good to use, if needed more contact. I will not create a group on Facebook even though it might seem appropriate, or use Messenger. I hope you will join me on all other platforms!

So, please let me know if you would like to be part of this community. Just to clarify, this is not a subscribtion or Patreon. You simply let me know if you wish to be part of the community, then when it is time for a certain energy work I will go out with the news and you are welcome to donate at that time.

With Love in the One Heart,

Camilla Aurea Kumara

Soul Path Guide and Light Language Sound Healer
Sweden, with the Light of the North

PS. I will upload more photos here from earlier energy work when possible ❤

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