Sacred Journey Retreat Crete, Summer Solstice 2022

Sacred Journey Retreat Crete, Summer Solstice 2022

Dear Ones, with my heart full of joy, I invite you to participate in an exciting and transforming journey, June 17th-22nd 2022.WE are heading for Crete, to activate the original creation codes at Summer Solstice. Connecting with the original template of Mother Planet Gaia, for building the New, while transitioning to the new era of Golden Terra Gaia, the Diamond Matrix and Aquarian Age. Higher guidance has pointed out the importance of this journey, initiating it twice but first at this time it could become possible.

With Sacred Mount Ida in our centered focus, (read more about it further down), this journey will be much about mountains and high peaks but also healing springs, caves full pf myths, fertile valleys and not to forget the ocean just a short drive away. Above Crete, we have the etheric retreat of ascended master Hilarion, it is also a home of the Pegasus – but this is foremost a land of the Great Goddess, feminine energies are alive in the energetic landscape, the ancient Minoan culture showing a greater role of the feminine divine than later Greek traditions. Also the later peak sanctuaries/ chapels of the Christan era show a continuation of the spiritual and mystical energy of the region.

Energywork focus

Main focus for the energywork is Mount Ida/Idi/Ídhi, “The Mountain of the Mother Goddess“, or Psiloritis as many call it today. A sacred mountain, a planetary vortex of importance. The highest peak of Mount Ida (and of all Crete) is Timios Stavros, meaning Holy Cross, 2546 m. We have in plan to hike to the peak for a ceremony on Summer Solstice being there at the exact time of the Solstice,12:15 Eastern European Time. 

Up the mountain slopes is also the famous Idaean cave, mostly referred to as the birth- or nurturing place of Zeus. Though it seems it was originally honored as a “Cave of the Goddess”. A place of initiations and it may even have served as the site of an oracle. We will visit the cave either on the way up to the top or more probably as an excursion of its own.

For you who recognize the importance of this, Mount Ida is very rich in limestone which supports a natural flow of water to the surrounding valleys.

Other sites of our interest

  • Samito Mountain/ Mount Kedros. Natural springs, peak chapel “Chapel of Ascension”.
  • Kommos, a wild beach with ancient archeological site with the same name. Mystical area with many myths circulating since ancient times. Large sea turtles nest here on the beach.
  • Kourtsa geomorphic rock formations at Chonos.
  • Sacred springs of Spili.

And much more…


We will be staying in the Amari Valley, “Lotus Land” which is situated in the central part of Crete. A valley with the great Mount Ida or Psiloritis as the locals call it, in the background.

The Amari is a magical labyrinth of country lanes shaded by cypresses, oaks and pines, a tapestry of pristine nature connecting tiny hamlets largely untouched by tourism. Between the villages, patchworks of fields, of citrus orchards and vines, lie beside some of the oldest olive groves in Europe. Every road, every path here opens its own door to history. (

The Amari Villas are situated in the small village of Amarion. We will be renting the two villas that are of the same property. They are originally constructed in the mid-1800s, lovingly renovated to host visitors. The villas offer 6 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms. We will be offered homemade dinner meals of authentic Cretan cuisine and local breakfast dishes at the terrace.

The retreat can offer

2 single rooms
3 shared double rooms (the rooms are in fact triple or quadruple rooms but will be used for two persons each room, if not requested specifically to be shared by three).

Total participant number 8.

Your investment

Retreat guided by Camilla KumaRa including 5 nights at Amari Villas, with breakfasts and dinners. Some transportation arranged with minivan bus to different sites during the retreat days is also included in the price.

What’s not included: Air travel, transport to and from airport or other place where you choose to stay before or after retreat. Other meals not mentioned such as lunches etc.

Single Room Price 11000 SEK (two spots available)

Shared Room Price 8500 SEK (six spots available)

First payment/ registration fee is 2500 SEK, payment garantees your booking. Payment options: BG 189-1217 or Swish 123 5733829 for Sweden. Paypal also possible. Registration fee is non-refundable.

Split payment is possible for the rest amount, to be paid before February 28th 2022. The rest payment is refundable until March 31st 2022 (First payment 2500 SEK is not refundable).

Regarding flights from Sweden. After checking for flights, I would recommend Brussels Airlines going to Heraklion Airport, Crete (I found the flights at Travellink). They have flights departuring from Bromma Stockholm, to Heraklion Airport Crete with 1 stop in Brussels arriving Crete 15:30 on Friday June 17th. They have flights going home both Wednesday 22nd and Thursday 23rd resonable in time and price.

To be considered:

  • Due to the times we are in, I recommend looking over booking policies when booking flight tickets and to have a good travel insurance.
  • We will be hiking in nature, to mountain peaks over 2000 m, (hiking starts from plateau not from sea level) with some parts being more demanding and some more easy. It can be steep downhill. Longest hike is about 6 hours in total, when on Mount Ida.    

How to book

If this retreat is calling your name, you are so welcome to book by sending an email to If you are a couple of friends who wish to book and stay together let me know right away so I can arrange with rooms. I so look forward holding space for this co-creation with the higher realms and dimensions!

With Love in the One Heart,

Camilla Aurea KumaRa

Camilla at another vortex, Haleakala Volcano Crater, Maui Hawaii

Questions? Welcome to use this contact form!

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