Private Sessions

Thank you for your interest in booking a session with me. I am now scheduling for January 2020 onwards.

If you are looking for a session with me in Stockholm, Sweden or by Skype/ telephone in Sweden go directly to my booking site

My international services presented below. Currently I have had the honor of offering my services to souls residing in Norway, UK, Germany, Austria, France, Italy, Spain, all over the US, Canada, Brazil, Australia, Japan and Kuwait!

All sessions can be recorded and sent as mp3 if prefered so

Spring Offer! Private Session 1 hour

Spring offer - 1 hour session of your choice. With Soul Path Guidance and Light Language. 133 USD instead of 177 USD, 44 USD discount! Welcome to order here.


Private Session Soul Path Guiding 1 hour

What an honor to connect with you! This session can contain memories from Akashic and Cosmic Records, clearing blockages, soul contracts, Star Linages, contact with your guides from different dimensions and realms. Meeting on Skype or Zoom. Welcome to book and you will be contacted shortly for scheduling!


Private Session Light Language Sound Healing

A 1 hour Private Session with Camilla KumaRa, done with Skype or Zoom. The focus is on Light Language and the harmonizing, balancing and activating light codes that come through for You and your Highest Self. A deep and profound experience in the company of higher dimensional guides, angelics and star beings. Welcome to book and you will be contacted shortly for scheduling!


Energy Support for Change Makers

Are you someone who choose to work from within the scenes, who wish to create change where it is most needed. In the rooms of business, management, development and government. Maybe you see yourself as a lightworker by heart, guided to act from inside the current systems to bring change, love or new ideas? This session is aimed to support you energy wise. To focus on what You need to keep going your path forward, developing your energy field as you go along to reduce the impact of stress and negative energies. To support decision making and furthermore enhancing clarity of mind. Welcome to book and you will be contacted shortly for scheduling!


  • Personal Light Language Video Recording

    Your Own Personal Video Recording with Light Language Healing by Camilla KumaRa. 30 mins video with Light Language Chants and symbols, cosmic/ akashic guiding and chakra balancing. Deep and high frequency transmissions. For You who also connect with visual activations and the love energy transmitted through presence, eyes and gestures.


  • The Starseed Reconnection Package
    The Starseed Reconnection Package is an in-depth private session package for your spiritual growth and healing. A unique form of cosmic soul path guiding with focus on cosmic heritage, stargates, timeline jumping and galactic guides. By connecting step by step with MORE of who you are and your cosmic ancestry, your life in this present reality can transform. Camilla KumaRa transmits pure cosmic Light Codes and messages, packed in TWO personal live Skype sessions and ONE following personal video recording. This package holds a very high frequency and Camilla KumaRa is working in the purest, most love filled energies. A group of galactic guides and loving light beings will team up for your heart based connection.
    Package in short: Package contains 3 parts. One 60 mins personal Skype session, one 45 mins Skype session for follow-up and deepening. One personal video recording with Light Language codes created after the two sessions for anchoring messages and amplifying the vibration and contact, video 30 mins long. Approx 15-30 days is recommended between the sessions, though exceptions can occur.
    All for the price of 377 USD. If this package resonates with your heart, please book by sending email to or contact below. Bright Blessings, Camilla
  • Disclaimer: All sessions with readings and healing are spiritual in nature and do not substitute for medical treatment and consultations. Please consult a physician for medically related issues. Camilla Lindeborg Alm May 16 2016.

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