Affirmation/ Prayer

Source of All that Is Enlighten me with the wisdom I have not yet embraced Pour Loving Light through my being and reveal what is still a shadow part Let Me guide myself and let Self guide Me in the dance of the multi-dimensional reality I Am You You Are me Do not let me … Continue reading Affirmation/ Prayer

Breathe my love, and see the magic

The healing of completion that is sought after can be found deep inside. As is the healing that is found deep inside Mother Earth. The balm you are searching for is the same energies you are challenged by. The comfort of the Divine Mother/ Father is always present in What Is. Breathe my love, and … Continue reading Breathe my love, and see the magic

Highest Solar Self

It has come to a point for us to take a step further into merging with our Highest Solar Self, our true being as Gods and Goddesses incarnated in this time. This step is for each and every human to make as our individual path is ready. Many have chosen to listen to the inner … Continue reading Highest Solar Self