Update – New Courses, Mini-retreat and Webinar

Dear Lightbringer Community, We are in the month of October and we are in for a ride energetically this Fall. Hold your Light and Love, keep steady and grounded as much as you can. Look within for answers, always. If the outer world is not showing the right way for you, be true to who … Continue reading Update – New Courses, Mini-retreat and Webinar

September Blog Update

Dear Family of Light, here comes an update of the blog. We are in New Moon times and so a time for beginnings and moving forward, outwards, connecting. The photos above are taken yesterday September 6th! I did a ceremony out in nature, same place where I spent last New Moon/ Lion Gate as well. … Continue reading September Blog Update

Something very exciting is coming soon!

Many of you have noticed I have been working on something since the beginning of this year. Something that has taken much of my focus and creative energy. As always this is coming from deep inner guidance, created with joy and love for the whole. Now, I am so happy to get closer to a … Continue reading Something very exciting is coming soon!

Spring News

Hello dear light tribe, In times of rapid change and unexpected (but maybe not so unexpected) occurences in our societies I am really grateful and happy to be able to offer my services both online and in person as I do know it makes a difference. We all make a difference when focusing on and … Continue reading Spring News

Happy New 2020 and Aurora Transmissions Launching

Hi Dear Soul,Happy New 2020! I hope you had a peaceful holiday season. So, We are finally here, ready for magic to unfold. This week contain many hights and over the top energetic shifts. We are in challenging times planetary and my LOVE goes out to all humans and animals who are affected by the … Continue reading Happy New 2020 and Aurora Transmissions Launching


Hello again dearest Light Tribe. Sending much Love to you all! I havn't posted much on my website lately. It just needed time, everything that is going on both on the inner and outer planes. We have been on a transformational journey to the northen wilderness of Sweden, experienced a full-on blast at Lion's Gate … Continue reading Update