11-11-11 Soul Gathering this Sunday

I so look forward to Sunday. It is as if my whole being is being charged and filled up with codes and activations for this particular day. Yes it has been intense. It never stops, WE keep on moving higher and higher, breaking new territory, facing old fears and letting go. WE know we are… Read More

Next Live Online Video Meditation Scheduled!

Coming Event for 1/11/17 January 11th 2017, 17:00 CEST Anchoring Star Codes for 2017 within Your Inner Diamond and the Diamond Grid Beautiful Friends! I am launching the next date for a Live Online Video Meditation. Last time was so powerful and the vibrations were so exquisite, I am absolutely thrilled to schedule a new opportunity.… Read More

A Message of Importance for Whom it Resonates

A Message of Importance for Whom it Resonates Earth Angels and Star Borns, all Healers of this world, we ask you to invite your friends from the glorious realm s and co-create a surrounding for the ones who still abide in the dark hours. Create a field of Light infused vibrations. This will not be… Read More

Breathe my love, and see the magic

The healing of completion that is sought after can be found deep inside. As is the healing that is found deep inside Mother Earth. The balm you are searching for is the same energies you are challenged by. The comfort of the Divine Mother/ Father is always present in What Is. Breathe my love, and… Read More