New Aurora Transmission Series

Dearest Family of Light, it is time for a new season! Welcome to channeled Light Language Meditations online with Camilla Aurea Kumara. Camilla channels Aurora, an advanced light being, connected with the Light from the North and New Golden Terra Gaia timelines. Coming in with a high perspective and at the same time grounded loving … Continue reading New Aurora Transmission Series

New Online Series – Aurora Transmissions Topic Ascension

Dear Souls,By passing the Equinox Gateway we move into a new quantum field and it is also up to us what WE bring into it. Let's co-create a vibrant magical quantum field, fully supportive to a world in the midst of change. The New is being birthed out of chaos and our Love and energetic … Continue reading New Online Series – Aurora Transmissions Topic Ascension

Spring News

Hello dear light tribe, In times of rapid change and unexpected (but maybe not so unexpected) occurences in our societies I am really grateful and happy to be able to offer my services both online and in person as I do know it makes a difference. We all make a difference when focusing on and … Continue reading Spring News

Light from the North

Dearest Light Tribe, Once again back from travelling, I am preparing for our next Aurora Transmission Online Meditation. This time from northen Sweden were the crystalline energies are clear and quiet magnificent right now. If you are finding yourself feeling upheated, overwhelmed or overly anxious at this time, a deep gaze at images of the … Continue reading Light from the North

Today – Aurora Transmissions Online Meditation

Hi Dear Ones, I just got back from the energywork retreat in Fuerteventura island. It was an amazing experience. Starting off with some challenges/ initiations followed by a crescendo of Light and Love. It is never a walk in the park to do deep planetary energy work, holding energies for a group and the practical … Continue reading Today – Aurora Transmissions Online Meditation

Happy New 2020 and Aurora Transmissions Launching

Hi Dear Soul,Happy New 2020! I hope you had a peaceful holiday season. So, We are finally here, ready for magic to unfold. This week contain many hights and over the top energetic shifts. We are in challenging times planetary and my LOVE goes out to all humans and animals who are affected by the … Continue reading Happy New 2020 and Aurora Transmissions Launching

Tomorrow Nov 6 – I am guestspeaker on Wisdom of the Ancients!

Dearest Light Tribe, I hope you would like to join me tomorrow on Wisdom of the Ancients webinar/ telesummit hosted by Ian Shelley! Nov 6th at 12pm PT (Los Angeles), 9pm CEST (Stockholm). It will be amazing and I am deeply honored to be part ❤ ❤ ❤ Here is the theme of my talk … Continue reading Tomorrow Nov 6 – I am guestspeaker on Wisdom of the Ancients!


Hello again dearest Light Tribe. Sending much Love to you all! I havn't posted much on my website lately. It just needed time, everything that is going on both on the inner and outer planes. We have been on a transformational journey to the northen wilderness of Sweden, experienced a full-on blast at Lion's Gate … Continue reading Update