Swedish Newsletter out now

Hello Dear Light Tribe, I have recently sent out a newsletter for Sweden, it is in Swedish as it is for local events and sessions. If you would be interested in reading or subscribing follow this link ❤ https://mailchi.mp/4df4d3890940/nyhetsbrev-camilla-co-creations-vibrations-januari-2019 So much is happening in the unified fields right now, January 11 was a huge passage … Continue reading Swedish Newsletter out now

Re posting Serapis Bey from June 11th 2016

Re posting a channeling from this day last year ♡ Master Serapis Bey June 11th 2016 My beloveds, let me speak in a clear voice today. You are all in this process now, trying to cope with fluctuating energies, testing your wings, falling back and forth in dimensions, leaving things behind, standing up for your … Continue reading Re posting Serapis Bey from June 11th 2016