Testimonial for workshop series 2019

This testimonial is translated with permission from Swedish/ Camilla

Thank you Camilla, for your loving and professional leadership.
Your leadership is strong, determined, steadfast and full of confidence.
At the same time you give everyone confirmation, you seem to see everyone and you spread light and love around you.
It is really fun to be on a course with you as a host. With hugs, Helena

A collection of testimonials

Thank you, Thank you Thank you So Much!!! It was so Awesome and Heavenly!!! I am so Grateful that you are my Healer and Translator for Divine Messages and Healing!!! I Feel so Angelic and Peaceful and Loved!!! … I always feel really safe with you. I know that is of most importance, in order to have Healings occur.

I experienced a connection to an aspect of my past self that wanted to be revealed. The Akashic Record Reading and Light Language Transmission was from the Highest Light and Love that left me feeling Whole, Complete and Expanded. Thank you Camilla Kumara

Thank you Camilla for everything! I am so incredibly happy and grateful for all the beautiful messages and energies you convey. It will take time for me to melt such immense and loving messages, but I’ll really take them to my heart and manage them well, they will give me power and courage to keep going my way, that’s just what I needed and more. A big and heartfelt thank you from all my heart, you are so amazing and loving and I’m so grateful that I met you .I could write an even longer thank you note, but cannot find the words right now ..

Thank you very much for a fine reading with divine angelic tones yesterday. So glad I got to come to you 🙂 Afterwards I went and and had my aura photo taken (attached). It seemed clear that the third eye had been stimulated and that the heart was completely open. Thank you once again for a divine moment with you yesterday, you mighty, humble and beautiful soul.

The video you did for me is wonderful! Thank you SO much! My heart is full of joy, love, and gratitude. Many blessings to you and your family!

Hi Camilla, I want to thank you again for the beautiful and helpful session last week. It has continued to assist me with new insight and support. I just watched the video and it was incredible! The information, light language, and frequencies you brought forward are so uplifting and expansive. Thank you so much for your service and, most importantly, thank you for being so beautiful.

I want you to know CAMILLA that your personal video is the most important turning point, turning my attention to my mission. I had an authentic akashic reading years ago and my Siriun mentor came through for us to work together. Now through your help through your toning, light coded assistance and a pure channel I have the spiritual tools to take that all important step inn word. There are so many layers of energy just waiting for me to utilize from the Video. I am right where I am meant to be. It has taken me many years to reach this level. You have opened up the energy of Lemuria that is under Mt Shasta and under the ocean. Thank you again or all you do. with all my heart.

Thank you dearest Camilla for the most beautiful and most loving energies transmitted through you. The messages, the light language, the toning and the codes we received. All, a true blessing.

Testimonial for Skype Session

“Hi Camilla.
Thank you very much for the session. It was great. Thank you very much for everything, you are wonderful lady, in your heart. I can feel it. I will do my morning homework to go in my heart and to have my note book with me when I am outside. Much Love and Blessings.”

Testimonial for Skype Session


“I really appreciate your help and support. You are awesome and I am glad we are on the same team. Connecting with my guides openly will be a huge step for me and you helped set me up for this next step.”

Testimonial for Skype Session

“Hi Camilla, thank you so much for the lovely 1 to 1 session which I had with you last Wednesday….. I am sleeping a lot better and using the clear octahedron with emerald green sand platinum ray energy quite often. I feel a lot better and positive and trusting of the future…. there were several things that you said that have stuck in my mind  which have been very releasing or supportive.”

Testimonials for Skype Sessions

“I experienced a connection to an aspect of my past self that wanted to be revealed.

The Akashic Record Reading and Light Language Transmission was from the Highest Light and Love that left me feeling Whole, Complete and Expanded.  Thank you Camilla Kumara😇”A V